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Senior Citizens BEWARE!!!

WANT OUT OF THIS MESS NOW!! I am very upset with my decision to become a Mayan Palace owner, it has turned out to be one of the worst decisions of my life.

It all started when we met Eduardo Vega, over breakfast he showed us a photo album of his recently deceased pregnant wife or girlfriend who died along with the baby in a car accident, it had my partner Deb in tears. I hate to say this but I’m not so sure it was a true story because everything else he told us were lies. The other thing that stands out from breakfast is this big story he told us how M.I.T. took years to design the way the program was to be used and also how it was sold. Now that’s not why I bought, I mention it just to demonstrate his character as a liar.

The story he had was they rented them high end golfers for the golf tournaments Mayan hosted for $3, 700 and we got $2, 700. We already had some 4 timeshares that we used and didn’t really need any more weeks. Well, that was another one of his lies, we traded in all four timeshares for a “discount” of 59, 600. I have since found out that we could have bought the same contract without them taking our timeshares. So, you stole our four timeshares that we paid good money for. We actually wound up buying those timeshares back, another 4, 000 to do so, which further proves that part of the sales was a lie too, how can the value given on those just not matter anymore? The math works out to a 100, 000 when you add up all the lies. If you think I will just let you do this to me that would be a mistake. This is not a couple thousand dollars, its 54, 000!!!

Their contract states: 9.1.D: The Company does not buy, sell or acquire as trade-ins Member-owned timeshares at other resorts. Such transactions are between Member and the trade-in company and are not in any respect the responsibility of Company. This entire portion of the transaction was conducted by the Vida sales team. As I said just vile liars!


Jan 12, 2015
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  • Ra
      Jul 24, 2015

    In my opinion this is a nice resort, unfortunately they are liars and thieves. You have to stay away from them and their timeshare presentations, don't make the mistake to go just waiting for free stuff!! Be careful! I was scammed too, 2 years ago, and it's been a nightmare for me. I was reading some articles about this fraudulent resort and they really helped me to understand a few more things.
    Take a look at these, maybe you found something of help:

    Don't give up on communicating to others what this people is really doing, we cannot let them to keep robbing people.
    Good luck!

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