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My husband and I went into Victoria Hyundai in about September looking to see if we could trade in our car for a CUV...after three weeks of mistakes and errors we were asked to come down to sign the papers at a specific time...we ended up waiting over 2 hours for our appointment and then getting rushed through the entire process in about 15 chance to confirm things or ask questions nothing...we had been very specific that we wanted to stay very close to our original payments on the car we were trading in which were $175 every two weeks...well we are paying $309 every two weeks...

Well now my husband was recently hit by a car and has been unable to work since november 30th 2009...well as a result our household income has dropped significantly and we are not going to be able to pull off the car payments at the current amount for much longer...well not if we want to pay our rent, bills oh and eat and feed our 2 kids.

SO I thought perhaps we could maybe look at refinancing or trading in for a less expensive car. I phone and talk to one of the finance guys (Cole) and he says they can help and so we make an appointment and we go down...he takes our info and passes us off to a sales guy who spends less than 10 minutes with us...walks away for about 5 and comes back and asks if we would be interested in 2 cars???!?!?!?! We say no and he comes back with well there is nothing we can do. Done finished, bye bye now. ????

They spent three weeks working with us to get us into the thing and now they expect me to believe that they can do nothing to help us get a better rate or into a cheaper car...and he expected me to believe that after I watched him go get a coffee drink the coffee and then come back and tell me he can do like he doesn't want to...OH wait...they already got your money so now they don't care anymore...nevermind that they screwed up the in our life insurance got canceled cuz they had my husbands age off by about 50 years...and then they have the wrong address on the papers, oh and then when something went wrong with a car that had 125km ( and I don't mean thousand) on it they didn't give a crap...the service department rocked on that issue thank goodness...but as far as I am concerned I wouldn't suggest to someone i despised to buy a car from Victoria Hyundai.

Prior to this I had sent an email to the company head office in Canada to complain about the lack of service and was told I could expect to hear from someone at Victoria Hyundai...never heard from in fact going to be sending another email regarding this issue.

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  • Jo
      25th of Jan, 2011

    I'm very sorry to hear about your husband and the other unfortunate events related to a traumatic accident as such however we're still very glad that you chose to do business with us and we will continue to work for you to make your vehicle purchase a pleasant one. Although we have the odd guest like yourself that doesn't appreciate or perhaps doesn't fully understand how we conduct business it can sometimes feel a bit one sided, I'm sure, or else we wouldn't get a reveiw like yours. However due to the immense amount of happy and satisfied friends in the Greater Victoria area I'm sure something must have been misrepresented or misunderstood along the way and for that we do apologize and extend an invitation to you to come down to the dealership and allow us to make amends with you in person. Other wise please accept our sincerest apologies and continue enjoying your new vehicle.

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