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Vesta T-Mobile / unauthorized credit card charges.

1 Sioux Falls, SD, United States

Like so many others who have made complaints, I, too, have nothing to do with Vesta T-Mobile, but they have charged my credit with an $89 charge for top-up service for a phone number which is not mine. I disputed the charge on my Citibibank Mastercard, but the charge was eventually upheld in V T-M's favor. The "merchant's" bill was attached to an e-message from Citibank showing the bogus charge and phone number. I had to then sign an affidavit swearing I gave no permission for this charge, attach supporting documentation, and mail it to Citibank. Not only is it angering to imagine this cybertheft, and equally alarming to Google Vesta T-Mobile and see endless webpages devoted to their fraudulent activities and have to draw Citibank's attention to what they need to wake up to, but then to have to jump through hoops signing affidavits and jumping through hoops to get them to accept it. Still don't know the outcome, but it better be in my favor! Needless to say, anyone who does business with this bogus company must be a laugh at a used car lot!

Vesta T-Mobile

Aug 31, 2018

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