Verizon Wirelessfraud and scam

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We have the family plan with Verizon Wireless. We bought two phones in June 08. One phone we paid full price. Then without my knowledge, Verizon credited our account $50 and said you get $50 credited to your account for this phone and extend your contract for one more year. I didn't agree to this. Then my daughter has had problems sending and receiving text messages with this phone, it's a Motorola, every since she has had it.They said 'Oh, the software needs updated'. The phone was only three months old, why didn't they put updated software in it to begin with? So the IT guy said we've done this and your phone is good to go. Guess what, we're still having problems. Then today, I find out from another customer service rep at Verizon, they really didn't update the software because it has to be taken in to a store location to have that done. She admitted the IT guy lied. On our other daughters cell phone, the second phone, it's a razor and it was purchased in June also. The screen is blank and cannot she if she has a text, voicemail or who is calling. These phones are only three months old so we shouldn't be having software issues or any other problems. Neither of these phones have been dropped or ever gotten wet. It is manufacture problems is what Verizon told me. So since Verizon is selling these phones why do they not have to be held accountable and make good for the junk phones the consumer's are receiving. Not to mention paying good money for? Instead they blame the manufacture but that doesn't help us any whom is holding the junk phones Verizon is selling to people. Just an idea: could Verizon be doing this so that customers will upgrade then have to sign a extended contract??? I have been dealing with these issues and trying to get these phones replaced but Verizon wants to replace them with refurbished phones. I wonder where & why they have so many refurbished phones? I paid for a new phone not a used phone that obviously didn't work either or else it wouldn't be refurbished.

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  • Wy
      Aug 26, 2009

    Verizon has ripped me off too. I paid a one time fee for a game, was supposed to be unlimited uses. I have been billed for it every month since. Verizon simply lied when I contacted them. What awful service. There should be criminal charges filed against Verizon for fraud!

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  • Fo
      Oct 04, 2010

    Im stuck with verizon and hate them. Smart phones need for speed game becomes preloaded. I was charged for this game because it was opened. they could not show that I had played this game and after much dispute they credited my account. They know consumers of a Smart phone will be overwhelemed and easy targets hense why when I disputed this charge they quickly changed tone. Also on my other line theyre have been monthly charges for tetrus & pacman that i have never played and have no way to my knowledge to prove i never down loaded. Worst service ever. I am not completely paranoid of all cell phone games that I dont even understand how they are so called downloaded!

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