Verizon Fios Telephone Supportphones not working for 4 days, each day it's suppose to be fixed, two business lines are still not working as of 10pm 12/4/2008.


Verizon support is non existant! Since I started with their "triple play" service, I have had problems. Two business telephone lines do not work. I notified Verizon Monday, and each day they tell me it will be fixed the next day. As of now 10PM 12/4/2008, my phones are still not working. Each time I call the Verizon help" number I can't speak to anyone who is able to help me.
For over nine months Verizon was nopt able to correct a problem with our DSL service. We had all kinds of people here including supervisors, but to no avail! Finally one serviceman came out and found something to correct the problem.

Verizon has been the absolute worst company to deal with for any support. Please advise me how I can get some help-support to correct the problems.

It is NOT fair that this lousy company dopes not support you once you have contracted for their services. They have you by the b----!

I look foward to your response at your earliest convenience.


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