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Verizon Fios / awful phone support

1 NJ, United States Review updated:

In my entore life, Ihave never recieved such poor service. When you call they tranfer you and the your are dissconnected. For the last month I have had major problems with my service or features not being turned on.

I have never waited less than 1 hour on hold in order to speak to a live person. Amazing!!! and when you finally get through you are tranferred or disonnected. Once I recieve my free Sharp TV, I am going back to my cable company. Optonline has the very best customer service im sorry I left. They even agree to pay the termination fee with Verizon to get me back. Optonline Cablevision is by far the best for service.

With optonline I have never waited on hold for more than 5 miniutes.

Sorry about my spelling but I am very aggrivated!!! Don't get me wrong Version Fios is awsome way better than cable....when it works. Serive sucks!!!1

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  • Ke
      20th of Dec, 2007
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    First of all, the service worked great and I didn't have any problems... until...

    When I originally got the service hooked up, I had long distance turned on. I RARELY use my home phone for long distance. I use my cell phone. The first bill I got from Verizon had a 2 dollar sur charge because I DIDN'T use my long distance enough. Called them and said let me get this straight your charging me for NOT making any long distance calls.....yes that's correct sir in order to cover the cost as a carrier you have to make so many long distance calls. I had them turn it off completely so I had no long distance service. No problems...yet.

    At the beginning of November, November 1st to be exact, I called them to turn my long distance back on because my cell phone doesn't work that well at the house since I'm in a valley. I also signed up for their 3 for 33 deal which is the same as Comcast. NOW the fun began. It took me 5 phone calls to Verizon to get them to turn on my long distance service. They did not have to come to the house, I didn't need any additional equipment, just enable my ID on the router as I was told by one of the customer service reps. After every phone call I was told...everything set it will be on by 5 PM that evening. Went home.....and it wasn't on every time. I even had a phone message at home saying to call...they had a problem that needed resolved before they could hook up my long distance. I had the customer service Rep listen to the message and he said "That's not true.....I am looking at your account and everything is set.....there is no will be on by 5PM WASN'T ON!" The 4th phone call I unloaded the "f" bomb on the customer service rep and she hung up on me. :-) By the 5th phone call and 2 weeks later I had long distance.....whew that was easy. Not to mention that EVERY time you call it takes 10 minutes to go through their automated BS before you can actually talk to a real person. I tried to circumvent the system many ways but was not successful....had to go through that every time.

    Ok, that was brutal. So while on the phone the5th time, I had already decided I'm going back to Comcast due to the fact that I wondered how long it would've taken them to fix a REAL problem if I had one. While on the phone I asked them how many days I had to decide to accept the service before I would be bound to the 2 year contract.....answer 30 days. So on December 12th I called them and said I want to disconnect all my service with Verizon (phone, internet, and TV). The 1st Rep, "Your account shows that there's a $200 disconnect fee." Response "No, not true, you have been sending me emails to accept your bundle package and I NEVER accepted the package plus I was told I had 30 days to decide to accept the service." "I'm sorry Sir I don't know who told you that by they were wrong." "I need to speak to a supervisor." Put on hold for an extended amount of time and got a supervisor. She started into the same spiel. She said that the acceptance emails that I got were for the bundle discount, not the service. The clock starts ticking when they hook up my service. Told her that I was told I had 30 days to accept and even if that's true, they hooked up my service November 14 and today is December 12th....less than 30 days. Response "Oh your correct." This ORDEAL took 1 HOUR and 52 MINUTES on the phone! I surely was not hanging up and going through the 10 minute automated BS again to talk to a person.

    The Supervisor set it up so that my data and TV service would be disconnected the 14th so I wouldn't have to pay the two hundred disconnect fee. I wanted to transfer my number so she left that active but assured me that this would not mean that I would have to pay the $200 disconnect fee. It would be disconnected automatically when it is transfered over to Comcast. I also informed her that my cell phone was bundled in with this service and make sure NOT to turn off my cell phone. "Oh I'm glad you told me that I'll make sure they don't disconnect your cell phone." GLAD I TOLD YOU THAT.....YOU'RE looking straight at my account....can't you see that!!

    The only thing that happened quick and on-time with Verizon was the disconnect! It was turned off at 4AM on the 14th.

    I called Comcast, got the service I wanted (TV,Phone,and internet), and set up the install within 15 minutes for the 19th... their 1st available time... between 1 and 5. The technician showed up at exactly 1, and was done by 1:30... everything installed and working.

  • Uc
      20th of Dec, 2007
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    I have only had FiOS for less than 24 hours now & Im already extremely disappointed... Well, furious would be a better way to put it but nothing and I mean NOTHING is worse than COMCAST!! Nothing!!

    Anyways, as of today I am able to make phone calls but not receive them. I have already dedicated well over a total of 48 hours on the phone with Verizon since the 7th of Dec, the day I first called for service. Whatever happened to calling a company for service & thats it? With Verizon there is a 12 part series. U call in, they tell u that its complete & there is nothing more U need to do on your end, but then start calling you over and over leaving messages saying "This is Verizon, I am just calling to tell u that the 3rd party verification was complete along with the FCC guidelines & regulations, there is nothing more U need to do. So please, call us back ASAP @ 1-888 etc etc etc!! When I call that number back, I am forced into a system that doesnt recognize voice commands but numbers on the keypad either & once it FINALLY understands you, after 25 minutes inside there, it then transfers U to a "representative", the music comes on for half a minute and then the recording comes back and says "We're sorry, but this call cannot be handled at this time, please call us back....Thank You'. This happened 4 times!! Then they call me back, leave me a message this time saying these exact words..."Ma'am, there is nothing else U need to do on your end accept call us back @ 1-888 to verify the verification"....

    Unreal!! U cant be serious!! Verify the verification!! I am not trying to get a blood test done here folks!! I am not trying to get a freaking 7 million dollar loan here!! All I want is ###ing phone service for Christ sakes!!! The come out and are here from 3:30 pm until 11:15 at night!! Ridiculous and there arent done!! I cannnot receive ALL my calls, only make them. I can receive "some" calls & I got this twit on the phone now, she is supposed to be a "Supervisor" & she said "Well, I thought U werent able to receive calls, because she put me on hold, told me she was checking on repairs, & she called me and she did in fact beep in so she addressed the situation when I answered like I had been "lying" about receiving phone calls even though I told her earlier on that I was able to receive calls from my friend Marcus, but nobody else. She then said "Well Ma'am in the beginning of the conversation U said U was able to receive calls etc etc etc blah blah blah...She spent more & focused in on whether or not I wa being truthfull about my complaint than she did the actual complaint. I will be dammed if I do business with a company who treats their customers like this!! These reps seem to forget that its our money that provides them with a paycheck!! Without us customers, U dont have a job to go to!! Verizon doesnt exsist without customers!!! They are so unprofessional and rude!! Now, after her cutting me off in mid-sentence when I started to replay she said "Dont U interrupt me" but its perfectly ok for them to interrupt me? So then she said "Well I say here and listened to U go on and and on and on for 20 minutes, doing nothing but complaining" & I said "Well Maam, U are so rude & unprofessional its reps like you that make us customers so upset & take our business elsewhere".....She replied "Whatever"...

    Whatever? You're at work & you can afford to say "whatever" is a smarmy smart ### tone? Wow. These Verizon reps are absolutly fearless. They are NOT worried about being reprimanded & they are clearly not worried about consequences because they sure can talk to anyway they see fit. So far, I have been calling & on the phone with them now totaling over 2 hours. The phone has disconnected us 3 times. Like other customers, I regret switching.

    I hope this helps other people in the future who are thinking about switching over to Verizon, DONT DO IT!!! Your patience will be tested!! U will end up in the nut house.

  • Tr
      7th of Jan, 2008
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    Stay away from Verizon bundles, especially if they come with DirecTV! Our original order and subsequent bills are never correct or accurate or the same as our initial order stated they would be. Calls to get it straightened out seem to make things worse, Verizon sales says call billing, billing says call DirecTV, and round and round we go, monthly! Now our bill is $100 more than it should be! Maybe the FTC can help!

  • Ch
      9th of Jan, 2008
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    I have had the exact same issue. I have spent multiple times calling Verizon to attempt to get my FIOS service transferred to the new location I am moving to.

    I, as well, spend an average of 2+ hours on hold, and when I do get hold of someone they either A) Disconnect me; or B) Place me on hold for another 1+ hour, or never return.

    I have spent the past 13 days attempting to contact Verizon and received absolutely no support. This is the most pathetic support I have ever experienced!

    I am a support technician myself for a major corporate IT team, and I know at times we have customers that get frustrated over support, because they wait 15 minutes. But this is absolutely unacceptable!

    Not only do they have issues with support, but when I call and give them my number they say "We can't find this account" - Because I do not have a land line and registered my cell as a contact ID. They can take my money, but when I call to make a change they can't find me.

    Regardless to say, I finally decided enough was enough and pulled a few strings through my district staff to find the president of operations for the service in my area and gave him a nice call to discuss this. Regardless in 24 hours I had a resolve.

    I explained to them that no one, absolutely no one, should go through this and be required to perform a direct line call to operations management. Though the individual I contacted was very helpful and quick to resolve the issue, not everyone has such connections and shouldn't have to.

    The fact that they make it so hard to upgrade an account, and move it to a new location shows they must not care to keep their customer base.

    The FIOS service itself is absolutely incredible.. the staff and support is awful.

  • Mm
      11th of Jan, 2008
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    very very bad service

  • Uo
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    I've been dealing with Verizon FIOS Billing for the past 3 months. They charged me supposedly for an unreturned router that I returned on 10/30/2007. I have the receipt right here. I've called and verified with them that they have the receipt over there, but I have yet to see a refund. I must have made at least 50 phone calls (no exaggeration). Only 10 of them made it through to a customer service rep, and I'd say the average wait time before I could speak to one was 30 minutes. I've been told 3 times that a manager would call me back, 2 of which I received no further contact, and 1 of which was another lower level rep that said that her manager wouldn't speaker to me. Each rep has always refuted the information from the rep that I spoke to before, and because there is no paper trail for me (as a FIOS data-only customer, I'm not entitled to have anything written down in paper and mailed to me), a rep can say whatever he/she wants and not have to worry about being accountable for it later. I've supposedly had a credit given to me twice, but each time I call back and say that I haven't received it yet, I'm told that there is no note of it. It's ridiculous.

    I've resorted to disputing the charge with my credit card company. Hopefully, they'll have a better chance at getting this resolved.

  • Ed
      31st of Jan, 2008
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    VERIZON CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE!!!!! Whatever products or services they offer are not worth dealing with this Company. When I first ordered the service, certain features, such as the video on demand, were never turned on, even th ough it was free and included with my service. It is impossible to get through - it can take up to 30 minutes or more to get through to someone, and their voice answering system is awful!!! It took me over 3 months to get this resolved. (When I did, they gave me a $90 credit which was OK). It took me several calls of over 1/2 hr each to order DVR. My router broke, after only being 1 yr old. They misrepresented the shipping time to me, they promised it for overnight and it came 3 days later. That took about 2 hours on the phone to resolve - several different calls. Their prices are also much higher than Cablevision - and higher than was represented to me when I ordered their service. And then they keep increasing prices. I have had Cablevision all my life and never had any problems with customer service or price increases. I so regret changing. They do have superior childrens programing and that is the only reason I am keeping it for now (I have 2 small children) but I will be switching back eventually. If you are very patient with voicemail systems, and have nothing better to do then keep calling them over and over to wrangle though voice answering systems that lead to nowhere and then cut you off - for 1-2 hours per issue (and there wi ll be issues!), and you dont mind constant price increases and faulty equipment, and you dont use email (their email stinks too, it is terrible!!!) then go ahead and order it.

  • Ha
      7th of Aug, 2009
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    I agree completely. I have dealt with their stupidity for 4months. Got the bundle for 99.95. Guess what no extras 199.57 a month. Big difference. It's ###. Trying to straighten my bills out. Can't through to a human being. Every button you press sends you somewhere else.

  • Ka
      11th of May, 2011
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    And they charged me said I ordered the Playboy channel and I would never do that. Said it came from my remote made me pay for it. I also gave up their DVR sent it back as soon as the shipping label came and they charged me another month. they never answer the phone and often hang up on me. We should all get a class action suite .

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