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CB Telecommunications Verizon I hate verizon fios, phone, tv and internet and thier so called customer service, billing, management, etc

Verizon review: I hate verizon fios, phone, tv and internet and thier so called customer service, billing, management, etc 19

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It is 10:15 am Thursday, November 15th 2007. I should be at work right now, but instead I am at home on the phone on hold with Chris and Ms. Stamper (some sort of supervisor Verizon supervisors). I have resigned to the fact that I will eventually have to get rid of this service if not in protest if nothing else. I truly want to warn everyone that before you get Verizon FIOS as with any strenuous exercise make sure you check with your physician first (It could be hazardous to your health).

In theory Verizon FIOS Triple Play makes alot of sense, however Verizon has no godly idea of how to make it happen without sending thier customers through a coronary.

I HATE VERIZON FIOS, Phone, TV and Internet and thier so called customer service, billing, management, etc.

I have been trying to get them to bill all three services phone, tv and internet on one bill for an entire year and they refuse to do it or they just can't do it.

I have received no less than 4 separate account numbers and if I do not pay the right amount on the right account I'm screwed. One or all of my services are cut off and I have to screem until I'm horse and then pay the inflated amount now owed because whatever payments I've made did not get applied to my TV or whatever service is being interrupted. Today for the 4th day this week and for the third time in a year its my TV.

It is apparent that All they want is thier money, they do not care about customer satisfaction. If I was so inclined to get the wireless service I am not never going to get another thing from Verizon.

Why? Cause I HATE VERIZON FIOS, Phone, TV and Internet and thier so called customer service, billing, management, etc.

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Vicki Fisher
Dec 13, 2007 6:11 pm EST

The date is November 12th and the exact same thing is happening to me. Please this is a class action suit waiting to be had. This has been going on since August for me and I am sick of it. I was promised in writing that I would have one easy to read bill from Verizon every month that would include phone, internet and direct tv. What a FRAUD verizon is. I have spent hours on the telephone in tears trying to get this resolved. How many people have been lied to out there? I think we need to stand together and hire an attorney. I believe we would have quite the case. I have letters from Verizon and Direct TV with there promises that they have not kept. Please send me feedback I want to know how many people have been scammed.

Jan 16, 2008 1:39 pm EST

I've had similar problems with their billing department. I was a FIOS internet customer only. When I called on 10/30/2007 to verify that my account was closed, I was told that I would receive my final bill in the mail. I also returned my data router in person to their White Plains, NY office that day. I called on 12/12/2007 to make sure that my account was paid in full and closed because I did not receive the bill in the mail. I was then informed that because I was a data-only customer, I cannot get a paper bill sent out. The rep informed me that my account was completely paid in full and to "trust her". I was then charged on my credit card for about $107 due to an unreturned router on 12/21/2007. On 12/27/2007, I was given a "credit" and told to wait 1-2 business days for it to appear on my statement. I found out later that the credit was issued for $99 (and I still do not know to this day what the extra $8 was for). I called on 1/04/2008 because I had not yet received the credit, and then I was told that the $107 would happen in 1-2 billing cycles and that the extra $8 was for processing from the facility where I returned the router in person. When I called on 1/16/2007, I was told that there was no record of the 1/4/2008 call, but there was a record of the 12/27/2008 call. In all of this, no one anywhere in Verizon could give me any sort of written confirmation of anything spoken of. I've only written about 5% of the conversations/trials that I've gone through in the past 3 months. I can say that each person I talk to has refuted the person before, and that without any written confirmation sent to me, it's always been my word against theirs. Verizon Customer Service, especially their billling department, is TERRIBLE. I don't remember waiting less than 20 minutes ever to speak with a representative. After 3 months of this, I've resorted to disputing the charge with my credit card company. Hopefully, they'll have better luck than me.

Seth Monger
Jan 19, 2008 11:02 pm EST

BBB has ZERO power

File in small claims court. Bring PAPER proof: contracts, communications, transactions

Verizon CANNOT be trusted. TimeWarner cable offers 15 megabits per second in many markets.

Jun 05, 2008 9:10 am EDT

I agree 100%, I don't know how this company continue to survive with the scam and the worst customer service in the States. I contacted Fios to transfer my service from Cable vision which I was told it would cut my Bill by 50%( 3Bundle), My only condition was, I need to keep my home number because I use it for work and also because some financial institutions need to confirm that I am calling from my home be for connecting me to review my Accounts. The Customers service from Fios Assured me that I will have that number operational within 5 to 10 Business Days and in the mean while I will be assigned a Temporary one(Big Mistake)They dragged me to the 18 Day be for they tell me that the Number that I am requesting can not be assigned from the region I am in ( info that could of been noticed during my initial signing, it took 30 Sec for one of their agent to tell me ''they should not of promised you that number Because it can't be assigned by Verizon'')and that I will have to make the number I was assigned as permanent .of course I refused and went back to Cablevision and got my number back(very lucky ).a week later I received a Bill 300and Plus which included and early service termination fee of $190.00.when I called back they said I had 15days to cancel my Contract, and since you had the service for 18days you are liable to Pay for those fees. Verison Fios Scammed to stay up to the 18Days by assuring me every day I called that the Number I have requested will be up and running before the 15th Day even if they knew that this would never happened. I am agreed to Pay from TV/Internet and Telephone for those 18Days but refuse to Pay the early termination fee. Does any one know how to fight this, I don't want this to affect my Credit Score .I called dozens of time their Customer Service is the worst in the States.

Adrienne S.
Jul 01, 2008 9:29 am EDT

My complaints with Fios bundle are too numerous to go into without spending another full day . Cannot even reach customer complaint dept. Keep getting disconnected. The one (almost) comical part of the problems include my TVs. going on in the middle of the night!
I would like to try cancelling my accts. and NOT paying the $190.00 cancellation fee, but that would probably create credit probs. Trying to rectfy that would most likely takes years. Can someone HELP me?

Union, US
Nov 03, 2008 7:00 pm EST

Verizon didn't scam me on FIOS but on phone service and DSL. For a year all i had were problems from adding services to my DSL service to depositing my payments in some else s account, and having the audacity to put my account in collections. if i wanted to fix their latest screw up i still had to pay the post office to investigate a $60.00 money order, that they credited to a stranger as well as an $80.00 dollar check. They think i am working to pay someone everyone elses phone or DSL bill. Verizon also decided they could go in to my bank account monthly to collect my monthly DSL bill, causing me problems with my bank and incurring fees totally $90.00. Every time i called they would say they wouldn't charge my account, and then they would go ahead and charge it to my bank account. Dsl customer claims i changed my payment method when all i did was a one time payment and followed the instruction given by their customer service employee. I switched to Vonage nearly a year ago, they have outstanding customer service and there are no surprises at the end on the month. They also fix billing issues immediately 24/7. Verizon and Verizon wireless are in business to scaming their customers, and the attitude Verizon customer service employees is the worst I've ever had to deal with, they are rude, arrogant and have no respect. I wish you all lots of luck. I still believe the best is canceling Verizon services and giving your hard working money to another telecommunication provider. I don't understand how they are still in business. I don't miss screaming on the phone, repeating my self thousands of time cause they refuse to call a manager and are always apologizing. i would tell them how pathetic it was because they weren't making an effort to change their business ethics. I believe that this company will continue to scam their customers as long as they continue to use their services. I am proud that today i made my last payment to Verizon and have no intention of ever doing business with this company again. I lost to much money. They came in to fix my neighbors phone and they messed up my DSL than i had no phone service for 4 days because my Vonage depended on their DSL. For all those having problems try the better bureau, small claims court, but my problems went on for nearly a year, keep in mind the nightmare might not end over night. but if your patient and don't want to loose your money keep on calling until they correct the problem.

Nov 20, 2008 1:28 pm EST

I am a 63 year old senior that made the biggest mistake of my life when I called Verizon on Nov. 11, 2007 to inquire about my billing and then thought it was taken care of and I ordered the Internet Security Suite 3 and the very next day they instead removed my caller I D and did not give me the Internet Security Suite 3 even though I was given a ticket number I received a letter thanking me and then I saw where they removed caller I D and then called back on Nov 17 and spent 50 minutes on hold and got sick of holding and hung up. Called back on Nov 18 and spoke to nine ( 9 )! different agents total time 1 hour and 30 minutes ( 90 minutes ) and was given a promise that this time it would be taken care of, what a joke! called back on Nov 19 and spoke to 4 more agents, I want to add that Rhonda was sooooo rude I could not believe it finally transfered to other department and spoke to Michelle, she gave me a new ticket order number said it would be taken care of. Checked my email today and nothing no Security Suite 3. Did not want to call but what choice do I have, none, if I don't want to see the charge on my bill for something that I did not get I had to call Verizon again spoke to Bill at Fios, he stated that he did not see that ticket number in my account and the only thing he was concerned about was speaking to my husband who I have been married to for 45 years as he stated I did not have approval on the account I have been a loyal customer for 35 to 40 years back when it was GTE and now Verizon and have never been asked to put my husband on the line, Hello! why can't someone hear our complaints? I was told after holding for 10 minutes all Supervisors were on other calls, I cannot believe after spending a total of five days (5 days ) on the phone not one person can get it straight, my Blood pressure is sky high and I cannot spent any more of my valuable time getting upset does anyone know who will listen I would never recommend Verizon to another person ever again and sorry I did already to my Son and Grandson I 'll be hearing from them for sure!

Mount Vernon, US
Oct 28, 2009 1:38 pm EDT

I swear to god, being a Verizon customer is worst than Stage 4 AIDS, as a matter of fact, it is worst than getting gangbanged by a bunch of pedophiles who are serving life in prison. Their customer services are beyond disgusting. How is it that they are still in business?
When I think of Verizon, I think of the deepest cesspool that has ever been made by a “Corporation”. When I come to my senses and realize that I am a Verizon customer, I hang out on the corner of the most dangerous block in my neighborhood, and hope to get shot.


Elizabeth, US
Nov 15, 2009 3:10 pm EST

I extremely HATE Verizon Fios, It is GARBAGE, they are nothing but lies. They Told us it was the fastest speed in the world, and we fell for this? The minute that contract is over, i am going to cancel this crap and get a new internet provider such as maybe com cast. VERIZON FIOS IS A JOKE IN MY OPINION. Maybe there will be hope for Fios when Dinosaurs come back to life. Fios i got two nasty, cruel words for you. YOU SUCK.

Princeton, US
Nov 30, 2009 4:59 pm EST

Does anyone know if it is possible to sue Verizon Fios for telling you one rate when you sign up for internet and then charge you a different higher rate?

Scranton, US
Dec 17, 2009 10:34 am EST

The original alert is being revised to notify all Retention and CSSC service representatives that 2 new acquisition offers have been launched; Fiber Ready $20/12 credit and FiOS Migrator/Converter $10/24 or 20/24 offers.Customers who have been provided either of these new Acquisition offers must not be given any of the Valued Customer $15/12, $20/12, $/30/12 or $40/12 offers in any FiOS Disconnect, FIOS Cancel or Competitive Threat scenarios. The new Acquisition offers and the new Valued Customer offers cannot be combined and are not compatible with each other. The COMPATIBILITY section in the original alert has been updated to reflect this update.

AKA! Call them and tell them you want to cancel they are prepared to offer you 40 dollars off a month for a year!

Franklin, US
Dec 30, 2009 9:30 am EST

I'm dealing with the same billing issue with Verizon. I had a major problem with verizon yesterday. I had called them the day before with a billing complaint and during the process they asked me if I would be interested in moving up from 3mg of internet speed to 7mg free of charge for six months and I bit.

The girl told me they would be mailing me out a new modem, which I would install, and the service would go into effect on Jan 4. Okay, no problem.

I get up in the morning, both pcs are operating smoothly. About 9 I lost internet connection but thought it had something to do with the 8 inches of snow in the area. An hour later I realize that I no longer have phone service so I call tech support, on my cell using my daytime minutes, to report the outage. At this point I'm told by an Indian with little communication skills that the reason I'd lost connections was due to the upgrade and that I would have NO service until January 4th! NO NO NO this is bull! You can't take both internet and phone away from me for this purpose.

I'm on the phone for a full hour and a half, getting bounced around from one Indian person to another, getting madder with each moment and finally insist on 1. A supervisor 2. An American.

I'm finally told that yes you are correct, you shouldn't have lost service on both phone and net but it will be 48 hours before we can reconnect you. NO, NO, NO! This is bull.

I'm getting tired of "I understand your concern and thank you for your patience". I start telling them no you are wrong... I have every right to be concerned and I don't have any patience! At one point the guy tells me he is going to connect me to his "Colleck"... I told him it's Colleague! so no I don't want to speak to your Colleck! I want my service fixed now!

Finally last night at around 5 my phone and net comes back but my main pc won't even go into safe mode to boot. I can only access from the wifi connection on my alternate pc. Could their disconnect have done something to my other computer or could I have pissed someone off enough to and is it possible for them to do something remotely to my other pc? It just seems like too much of a coincidence that my best computer would go down at the very same time as these other problems. It is appearing more and more like I have a virus.

I guess the situation if further enhanced by the fact that I just lost my IT job of 20 years because my company outsourced to Pakistan and India. I mad and I'm not going to take it. They have taken our positions and given them to these other companies at a lower price but we are also suffering their inability to communicate or provide our service needs efficiently. Come on America. Take back our jobs and let's get good customer service again for all of these so called American based businesses.

Palm Harbor, US
Jan 20, 2010 10:51 pm EST

I've been through most of what everyone has described over a year ago. I avoid any contact with Verizon but still have the service because the product is good. The only thing they understand is money and if we don't act together we will get nowhere. Now they're running a special for $89 a month for the 1st year and then it goes up to $109 for the 2nd year. Still a better rate than I'm getting as an existing customer. If we can get 100, 000 people to cancel unless they extend this offer to "already good, established" customers then we have some leverage. if anyone has some IT/website experience we should begin a list and start a 100 day countdown to cancellation. Everyone must agree to cancel on the 4th of July - our Independence Day. That gives us until sometime in April to get the campaign up and running. Anyone have the website knowledge to set something up?

Fallston, US
Nov 02, 2010 1:54 am EDT

They have 5 seperate web site-very confusing-they messed up my bill several times, I just pay it. The internet is no faster than Comcast-They will not give me my rewards ( as promised) Their recorder has low memory. There menu screen is hard to read-Shows I recorded are automatically deleted, and I still have memory. Cannot switch from recorded show to live show. The call in number wait time is rediculous. The screens goes yellow sometimes-There is so much more I can't remember

Newark, US
Jan 04, 2011 6:05 pm EST

Verizon Stinks and the American people need the God given sense to stop using there service don't. This is terrible the a company like this is so big that it thinks it does not have to treat its customers right. The bunch of theifs that run the company, CEO's, executives need to be horse whip they are theifs and liars. Stupid American people stop being stupid and don't bother with Verizon anymore

Elko, US
Feb 13, 2011 6:11 pm EST

I don't know how many times I've called and complained about my internet connection suddenly dropping. I've had the service for over a year now and I am sure that my internet connection has been down at least half the freaking year. They give me the usual run around, and once even sent out a tech that was just a monkey in a suit (ie. he had no idea what he was doing!) and I am tired of the empty promises! I am moving in a month to another state and Verizon can go suck an egg!

Acton, US
Mar 30, 2011 11:29 pm EDT

Very BAD customer service!
Looks like one hand does not know what is doing another.
No way you can complain to anyone. When you call to customer support and ask to speak to supervisor, suddenly you are talking to the supervisor (original monkey).
Female (I mean female) with Last name Moore Cherie after arguing for 30 minutes, she told me that nobody around, nothing I can do and hang up on me.
Moore Cherie – completely useless, lying peace of work.
Moore Cherie – do not talk to her, she is no help. She will drive you nuts and finally will hang up on you.

Garland, US
May 19, 2011 5:50 pm EDT

I have really been so pissed at Verizon My husband has been without a job for 9 months then got one out of verizon area they told me it will cost me 150.00 for a early termamtion fee are they kidding I dont have a 150.00 I have been a verizon customer for 12 years they dont care about their customers Just to get their money I am so done with them.

mr verizon u like me right
Indio, US
Sep 19, 2011 10:23 pm EDT

verizon fios is a great service had it for 3 year. for all those people how bicth out thier all cable companys are the same and realy you can tell me you never had problems with any other servies come on

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