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Verizon Fios / horrible experience

1 NJ, United States Review updated:

After 14 years with Cablevision (with few complaints over the years), we made the mistake of switching over to Verizon FIOS in October, 2008. We ordered the Triple Bundle Pkge. - HD Extreme w/Multi-room DVR and two additional boxes in bedrooms- High Speed Internet & Phone. Since installation, we are unable to watch a show (recorded on the DVR) in either of the two bedrooms without getting a dialogue box saying "Unable to Locate Hub". At this point, you cannot fast forward, rewind or just click OK without it starting back over at the beginning. Trying to fast forward to find your place only leads to "unable to locate hub" again or else the screen freezes and you have to reboot the box. We have called Verizon almost every week for the past 3 months to fix the problem. The hours we've spent on the phone being passed around from person to person, probably adds up to days. FORGET SUPERVISORS, I don't think they have any who have the nerve to talk to you about their service or product if you could even manage to get ahold of one. We've had tech people here 3 times within the last week who have changed all the boxes, wires, boards, etc., etc., etc. and it still doesn't work. We told them to just give us a regular DVR for one of the bedrooms and forget the multi-room crap since it doesn't work anyway. We were told that no one has the authority to do that for us. Meanwhile we have been paying for a service (around $160 p/mo. for the past 3 months) that we are not receiving. When we asked billing for some type of credit, they said they can't credit us on something we don't pay for because the box is free for the introductory period and you can't get a credit on something you don't pay for. AM I STUPID or is there something wrong with this picture? I'm paying for a service I'm not receiving, they can't fix it, and I can't get a DVR for the bedroom (without paying extra for that), nor can I get a credit "BECAUSE IT'S FREE"? I don't care where they allocate the dollars I send them each month, but I have never heard so much crap, lies, lack of interest in customer service/relations in my life. No one at Verizon seems to have any authority to make decisions. They would rather spend thousands of dollars to have everything re-wired, technican/repair man hours (so far 3 visits) for at least 8 hours, than to make it simple and just give us a DVR!!! They remind me of "Sleeper Cells" you hear about. No one knows what goes on in each department. It's almost like they have a script they use to just get by answering simple questions. Anything else not in their script gets them all flustered. The kicker here is we live a stones throw from Verizon's Corporate Headquarters. You would think they would have their act together in this area. My advice to you is "AVOID THE AGGRAVATION YOU WILL MOST DEFINITELY HAVE & STICK WITH YOUR CABLE OR SATELLITE SERVICE". If by some MIRACLE, someone at Verizon can step up and make a decision to authorize a DVR box for the bedroom, give us a credit for the 3 months of HELL, or forego the $179 early termination fee so I can go back to my cable service where I had everything I have now except I also had the 2 DVR's, I will be happy to report back to you with a more positive report on Verizon. In the meantime, I give Verizon a big F on their report card for their product, their lack of knowledge with this problem (which I believe is probably a software issue), their inability to fix the problem, their horrendous customer service, their inability to make any kind of decision or think out of the box, and management's inability to get involved to resolve any issues. PS Verizon admits that there is a problem but they don't know how to fix it. I have a laundry list of names of people we've spoken with over the past 3 months but will give them one last opportunity to rectify the problem before we start dropping those names.

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      31st of Jan, 2009
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    I have FIOS and all is well except HD TV picture has a lot of dropout and is often jerky and freezes. Two tech visits has resulted in NOTHING. My brother who lives miles away has exactly the same problem. VERIZON has a problem which could bring the company down (they borrowed many billion $$ from Wall Street to install FIOS nationwide) and they are not about to admit it. Like if they don't admit it, it will go away. Well, GOOGLE " FIOS JERKY PICTURE" and you will get thousands of hits. The thing about the web is that you can hide NOTHING. They had better fix this soon.

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