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Valero / questionable signage price practices

Contact information:
Phone: 562-682-2124

I always purchase my gas from valero stations depending on which one has the lowest price. Over the past year I have usually purchased from one of four locations.

In all this time I stopped for gas depending what price was showing on the large lighted signs. Until recently I had never noticed any other signage because I usually am stopping after dark for gas.

About three weeks ago I stopped at the valero station located at the corner of telegraph road and carmineta in la mirada or whittier. (Not sure because it is close the city lines) in southern california

While pumping gas I noticed the pump was showing three or four cents higher than the lighted signage showed. I confronted the clerk about it and he pointed to a sign that was sideways behind a brick sign and said "you see that sign...? It says the cash price is higher than the credit price...

I couldn't see it in the dark after he tried three times to point it out. He finally walked me out to it and showed me. At this point I told him what I thought about his little scam and told him I was going to report him and left. The next day I noticed the sign had been moved but still was not to visible at night.

I don't think this is ethical at all even if it might be legal especially since I have probably been buying gas there for about a year off and on paying cash assuming I was paying the price on the lighted sign when I was paying two to four four cents more than the other gas stations I frequent.

Once I was aware of this sneaky crooked practice I started looking more closely at the other three stations I use and was extremely surprised another one was using the same sneaky trick to fool customers and apparently I had been buying their gas at a higher price also... They are located at the corner of valley view and telegraph road in la mirada, also in southern california.

Perhaps they are both owned by the same people... At least their sign is a little more visible but once you see the lighted signs who thinks to look at the more obscure sign showing the real prices...

In my opinion if they are going to use these deceptive practices they should put the higher prices on the large lighted signs and the cheaper prices on the obscure signs. At least if someone topped to get gas at the higher price they would actually be getting their gas at a lower price, not vice versa...

I hope you will take a look at these gas stations as in my opinion they are actually stealing money from their customers and I think it is dishonest and disgraceful, and should be illegal.

Thank you

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