US National Bank / collection agency harassing me, posing as federal agents

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This agency calls me repeatedly, 10-15 times in a row, before 7:30 AM most morning. On 12-15-2008 I received a call at my office. The individual, a male with a foreign accent, left a message on my voicemail (which I saved) reciting my full name, full address, and full SSN. Then he went on to identify himself as "Officer Shawn Baker" of the "United States Crime Suspect Department." He said I needed to contact him regarding a "very serious and time sensitive matter" and that I should "call back as soon as possible before something happens to you." "if you fail to return this call, I don't know what will happen to you, and you may be facing some shocking surprises and consequences at your job or home. Give me a call back or else only God can help you. Goodbye." He left this number: [protected] ext 1041

Then on 12-16-2008 they called me again and I mistakenly answered the phone. Same person with heavy Indian accent, identifying himself as the "Chief Investigator" and telling me that if I do not pay them $330 today, then they will "freeze my social security number" and I will no longer be able to work within the US. Also telling me that the Attorney General is preparing to file federal fraud charges on me if I do not pay immediately.

I requested information regarding the debt and they would not tell me what it was for. They said it was for a loan that was deposited into a Bank of America account. I've never had an account - EVER - with Bank of America. I told them I would have to see mailed copies of all documents supporting this debt, they said this was not possible and refused to send them. I asked them for this multiple times and was told that I "already had the documents when I took the loan" and that it was not possible to get any validation. I said thank you, and hung up on the loser.

Here are the phone #s they gave: [protected] ext 1041, [protected].

I have filed reports wtih the Attorney General's office (Texas) and the FTC - but what else can I do to stop these idiots from calling me?

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  • La
      Dec 17, 2008


    Don't let them get you -
    News article about them - offer to send it to them

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  • Ho
      Jan 13, 2009

    They are still calling and leaving the same scripted messages about my being arrested and etc. They called again today, [protected], 7 times, to my place of employment. I hung up on "Officer Shawn Baker." He called back immediately and asked to speak to Human Resources. Fortunately our receptionist caught on and put the call to me. Thinking I was HR person, he went on to discuss the debt in detail, and stated that I had used the company's name and information in order to borrow money illegally, and that I would now be arrested on 4 federal charges. He also stated that they would send agents to my employer and create a "big public scandal" with the company's name if I did not pay. I have contacted the Attorney General, local Sheriff & Police Departments, FBI, FTC, Interpol... I don't know what else to do. I refuse to pay these idiots for some BS scam debt I do not owe - but now they are threatening my JOB. I cannot have these freaks calling my supervisors and telling them these lies!

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