US Bankunethical behaviour

On October 18, 2016, US Bank Tarzana, CA branch manager froze my business and personal accounts due to a personal vendetta against me. It's been three months that I have no answers from US Bank as to when my money will be released or even why it was frozen. There are absolutely no grounds for the freezing of my business and personal accounts and branch manager is acting illegally.
I have sent letters to their Customer Care Unit but only received a response that they couldn't look me up by my mailing address even though they could verify my identity with all my other information. I advised them that I had recently moved but due to my account being frozen, I was unable to change my address on file. All of this was a rouse and to just delay giving me a valid response.
I want all my accounts unfrozen. I want to withdraw all of my money and close the bank accounts. I don't want anything to do with US Bank. One of my account numbers is [protected] Fox & Twinks Management LLC.

Jan 09, 2017

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