US Bank / theft

110 Red Store Lane, Willisburg, KY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 859-613-1907 do you sleep at night knowing you stole from and honest man!!! I will let the world know that US Bank and its employees are common thieves!!! This is how you make their millions.

I would like to thank US Bank for STEALING my $63.60 payment from me. I paid my AT&T phone bill in good faith and had to report to you jerks that a $52.95 charge was not valid. In this process you decided that my AT&T payment was fraud and decided to take it as well. I sent you a faxed letter telling you this was a valid charge; you jerks proceeded to take the money back anyway causing my phone to be disconnected. Now you tell me it was paid to AT&T, and they deny it being paid since you STOLE from them as well. Then a lovely supervisors said it was legitimate and the money was US Banks "SIR WE DON"T MAKE MISTAKES"...


It so nice to know that you have stolen twice from me, so this is how you make your millions...STEALING from common people. I'm sure some little girl or guy is going to send me an e-mail stating you aren't thieves it everything is on the up and up??????? Because you don't have the stones to call the person or face them straight up...

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