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Us Bank... Reliacard Reliacard Double charged me for ATM withdrawl. Refused to look into it as ATM error! Ripped me off $40 Astoria, Oregon
I withdrew $40 from the US Bank using my child support Reliacard, issued by US Bank. The next day it charged me another $40 from the same ATM which I never went back to, I never even left the house that day!
I called Reliacard and they said I would have to file a fraud report as if someone stole it, but I never lost my card, I still have it. They advised me to call US bank if I didn't want to do that, so I did and they tell me they can not look up my account or tell me anything about it. I ended up filing a fraud report with Reliacard since that's the only thing I could do.
They sent me the papers, I returned them and 2 weeks later I get a message on my phone saying " I really hope somebody advised you that you need to go file a police report for this, and we need the report Friday or else we will end this investigation." Well I was never told that I needed to do that by any of the 4 different people I talked to about this.
Since I didn't get the message till Wednesday, I said screw it. I didn't have time. This was completely ridiculous, there was no fraud, my card wasn't stolen. It was an ATM error or something that Im sure US Bank could have solved very easily if they would have just done something about it. $40 may not seem like much to a lot of people, but for an unemployed single mother, that's a lot to just have taken for no reason!

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  • Ne
      Mar 22, 2018

    Your souls are damned and i will see you in a pit of scurpions when we burn together [censor]. Such treachery on your behalf

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  • Ne
      Mar 22, 2018

    @Nemo, the fallen angel Start praying to jesus cause your souls are mine otherwise. Satan is my [censored]

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  • Ca
      Apr 26, 2019

    US Bank Relia care is the worst! I never get any child support payments, so they started charging me a monthly inactivity fee. Called and talked to them and they could care less. Bad and unhelpful customer service.

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  • Ki
      Jun 13, 2019

    Worse customer service I have ever came in contact with. Customer service does not provide all information correctly or give you all information to make both the customer and csr job easy. I will never in life use this service or card again. It's best just getting your own bank account. As a Customer service representative myself I know how a REAL ORGANIZE call center is ran and this is by far the worst customer service I ever had to deal with.

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