US Bank / our business accounts have fraud on them and we reported it in february of this year

Fairfield, AL, United States
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We discovered fraud, theft, identity theft & embezzlement, identity theft our accounts by a former manager that was working for us. To start with
American express has returned over $63, 000.00 to 2 of our accounts with in 10 days of turning in the fraud. On the same day we turned in an additional $49, 000.00 to us banks fraud department in regards to more american express fraudulent payments made by our ex employee for 2016 fraudulent payments he made on his personal american express
And a couple of weeks later turned in an additional $90, 000.00 fr o m 2015 in regards to more american express fraudulent payments our ex employee.
My local branch is threatening to close our accounts with no written reason which will be detrimental in numerous ways to our business as well as creating hardships for our employees and affect our credit scores
The local authorities working the case have said should the closure transpire it could be deemed as tampering with evidence.
Due to the open investigation the authorities consider it necessary for all our accounts to remain open.
We are respectfully requesting an investigation into this matter.
We are looking forward to speaking with you soon.
We have a very large number of other fraudulent things that were done by this ex employee that I personally reported to one of my local branchs in february of this year.
I have professionally maintained a detailed log of times dates and contacts to try and resolve this situation as I was directed.
You should find numerous notes and documentation within your organization of whom I have contacted when I have contacted them in the lack of any resolution.

Thank you for your time & prompt attention regarding this matter

Eric & lynn boeppler
A savannah nite
Empire corporate transportation
The lynn-cline boeppler family

Jun 23, 2017

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