US Bank / harassing phone calls

2674 Grand Forks Rd, Henderson, NV, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 702-898-9665

I have a car loan with US Bank. The title was in my husband's name but I have been making the monthly pmts for the past two years(on time)> I decided to have a new loan to be able to have the title in my name. Got the new loan thru US Bank with a very hight interest rate--- in January, I called and told them I could not pay the payment because I had other expenses that I needed to pay. "NO problem" he said if I would pay Feb and March 1, 5 more pmts, then I would be ok. When I made the first 328.00 pmt the phone never stopped ringing and harassing me. I explained what I was told and they would not believe me. They sent me a bill for over 600.00 to pay immediately. I called and called but they turned it over to collections. By this time I was mad as can be. I am a lady almost 80 yrs old and not used to being treated like a criminal. The phone calls every 20min all day long til almost 9pm were gettting too much. I called them again and explained, I just made the second 328.00 for March and still get phone calls that now I owe penalties. I am sick of these people and the phone calls still continue all day long until 9pm. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH US BANK THEY TREAT YOU LIKE A CRIMINAL----I JUST HUNG UP ON A US BANK REP


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