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US Bank / I've got you all beat!

1 Hanover, United States

U. S. Bank caught! Alleged insurance fraud! Hanover michigan

U. S. Bank
Phone: 800-usbanks
Fax: [protected]

Minneapolis, mn
Hanover, michigan, 49246
U. S. A.
Submitted: 3/3/2008 3:17:53 pm

On feb. 7, 2008, our 2003 ford focus wagon was stolen. First question out of the 911 operators mouth was; 'were we in default?' I said; 'no!' just to make sure there wasn't some bureaucratic mix-up, I called u. S. Bank customer service, twice! The second time while the sheriff deputy was here making out the stolen vehicle fact, when I called the second time, the rep wanted to assure me that 'nothing in your file remotely suggests a repo!' my payments were current.

At this point, my wife and I are scared. We are worried that serious crime had now worked its way from the city to our little country village. We waited ten days for the insurance paperwork and the mandatory two weeks to declare it officially stolen. At this point the claim was settled with our auto insurance company, titles and keys sent to the insurance agent and checks addressed to u. S. Bank and to myself.

But hold it! Why the difference in the pay-off I received on feb. 13, 2003 and feb 29th? I called u. S. Bank to find out why. At this point, I was suddenly referred to their 'repo' department! Things started to unravel for u. S. Bank.

What? I screamed up and down that 'you lied to us and misled the insurance company!' they declared that because of my chapter seven bankruptcy in 2005, they could repossess my car at any time for any reason. This actually is not true, since an exemption was placed on the vehicle, ok'ed by the u. S. District judge and payments continued as usual.

We actually feel pretty good about this after thinking about it. Yes, we had to dip into our savings for a down payment on a new pontiac. However, if u. S. Bank is claiming the focus was discharged and we were paying on the security of the vehicle, then we owe no money.

Luckily, the auto insurance company stopped the check before they cashed it. But u. S. Bank was willfully and knowingly cooperating with our insurance company just as if this was a stolen vehicle! We still do consider it a stolen vehicle. If we find a 'repo' in our credit report, I am going to have it changed to 'discharged under bankruptcy' since I have a letter from u. S. Bank that mistakenly claims this.

I just hope they don't bring the car back and dump it in our yard! They stole it, in our family's opinion, so they are now the proud owners of a 2003 ford focus. We just love our new pontiac g-6! But watch it folks! If you've gone through chapter 7, they might take off with your car and then let the insurance company pay for it!

Hanover, michigan.


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