UPS2nd day delivery not received on 5th day

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I was supposed to receive small package ( A/C part )from PA on 26th June 2009 - 2nd Day Air -
They routed my package to go to MA., instead of Tx.
on calling UPS, they said they are sorry but package will not arrive till 29th June 2009
on 29th june I called UPS at 2pm since I still did not have package..I called again..
Answer...they will deliver before 7 pm. ...I hope so?
that means you can not leave the home untill 7 pm otherwise you may miss the delivery person
and have to repeat the whole thing next day.. considering this
I think U.S.P.S. looks a lot better because I received my invoice by U.S.postal service faster than
part I ordered 2nd day Air from UPS. next time use FedEx or USPS. instead


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      Dec 21, 2009

    UPS does suck. I ordered a computer from Amazon for a Christmas present. I was hving it sent 2nd day air to be sure to get it on time. It left Nevada on the 17th a Thursday. On the 19th, Saturday, the tracking said it was in Des Moines Iowa. Why Iowa I can't say. I called UPS and was told it was logistics but they assurred me it would be deliverd on Monday the 21st, which was 2 day as weekends do not count. On Sunday the 20th it left Des Moines, I assumed for Denver. Wrong!!!, it went to Rockville Illinois. I called UPS and they said it had been miss routed, I think Iowa was a miss route, anyway they said it still would be delivered on the 21st. That was a fat out lie, it instead was sent from the air hub to the ground hub and then put on some truck for delivery, to where I have no idea. It has spent all day on the 21st riding on some UPS truck. It is now back at the ground facility. They now say it will not be delivered until the 23rd. That makes 5 whole buisness days. According to the UPS transit times, Ground takes 3 business days from Nevada to Denver. I guess 2nd day air takes longer. What a Joke UPS is. I have no confidence that it wil make it before Christmas. I was originally going out of town for Christmas but have cancelled those plans so I can get the Computer. The package as of this writing is still at the ground facility, not the air facility, in Rockville Illinois. At 10 pm Central time. I have my doubts as it making it to Denver for Delivery on the 23rd. I also have my doubts as to the condition of the computer once it arrives.

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