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My mom went to the Ups store to mail out our Christmas gifts, we live in Cape girardeau, mo. anyway the guy at the counter said that the package would be delivered December the 22nd, and it did not arrive. my mom called the 1 800 number and was told that the package was transferred to the post office and would be delivered by the post office. so then i called to give them a piece of my mind and try to get some answers as to what happened, apparently they use post office for some packages instead of having UPS deliver it, apparently it depends on what you pay!!! this is really dumb!!! and none of this was explained to mother, had she known this, she would have just gone head and used the post office instead of paying UPS 22.00 in shipping for them to just turn around and give it the post office!!! I am really mad at the way my mom was lied to and nothing at all was explained to her. and my husband and i still haven't got the package, hopefully it will come in this week, but my biggest problem isn't not getting the package, its the way my mom was treated. pleas do not use UPS without finding out what will be done with your package!!! it would be a better idea to use the post office or fed-ex!!!

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  • Ni
      Aug 13, 2012

    I do not understand that! I didnt think a single UPS Store could do UPSSmartPost?! But if it was transferred over to the Post Office, then why would starting out as USPS be better?!

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