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I have a 35-year long history of complaints about UPS. I dare you to try and call the local UPS terminal. If you were sneaky enough to get the number it won't be good long because they change their number frequently.

When UPS realized I had relatives with a business in town, they tried delivering my packages there. I had to make a 20 mile drive to their terminal and confront their management to stop it. Later, they started dropping my packages a mile away at the first house on the lane without knowing if they were friends or asking permission. It took another trip and an angrier confrontation with management to stop that.

Trucking/shipping is a 24/7 business. UPS has a bent for getting packages from shippers on Friday and warehousing them until Monday morning. It sat in the originating terminal all weekend when it should have been 1500 miles down the road and in your local terminal.

Why does FedEx and the US Postal Service deliver on Saturday and UPS won't? Why won't UPS extend the courtesy of ringing the doorbell when they drop a package and run, sometimes after dark?

UPS does not compare well to FedEx and the USPS for service by any measure. When they are at their best, they are mediocre!

May 16, 2017
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      16th of May, 2017

    Why does one business offer discounts and other won't? The simple fact is, they are not the same business. No business has to offer the same services. We live in a free market. Saying that, it sounds like you have issues with a particular driver. What did you do to piss them off? Aside from that, I have never had an issue with UPS. I don't mind that they don't deliver on Saturday unless you pay a premium. I enjoy my days off too. I have had issues with Fedex though. So for everyone who hates UPS, USPS, or FedEx, someone else loves them.

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