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United Parcel Service of America [UPS] / delivery

1 Blanchard, OK, United States

Well it's official "I am done with UPS" if a company I'm ordering from can't use FedEx or USPS they will not get my order . For sometime people in my area have had a problem with we are told is ONE driver who likes to leave your stuff at end of driveway or at the mailbox . Stuff like a envelope with a $15000 check left sitting on the fence post, O-joy on that one . Have been told he's moved from California UPS or something and with union crap not much can be done EXCEPT COMPLAIN . Have heard the # excuses like tree limbs or to wet . I have drove a semi for 30 years and at times taken my truck home, if this guy can't get that little van around he doesn't need to be driving a moped . There is plenty of room on my driveway to get up and nothing to worry about scratching the van . It's sad one driver can cause all the other drivers to look bad, I have been there myself but if UPS will not do anything about it I am done . Granted I know my deliveries won't make or brake UPS but I am tired of the poor service . We can drive around in our area and tell that this driver is working that day cause we will see lots of packages sitting at end of driveways . I am sure 99% of the other drivers try and take pride in there work but we don't have this problem with FedEx or USSP . IF this is just one driver put him somewere else or send his sorry but back were he came from . [protected] Mike Self 26400 Cascara Road Blanchard Oklahoma 73010 about 5:00 PM Tracking #1Z878R9EYW50103188

Oct 5, 2018

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