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United Hyundia of Las Vegas took advantage of a 74 year old dementia patient by offering a promise of free gasoline and trapping my uncle into financing a new Hyundia Sonata. After finding out about this travesty, my family has intervened and moved my uncle back to his original home in South Dakota to live out his days with respect instead of being at the mercy of unscrupulous businesses such as United Hyundia.

My uncle was so confused as to what was going on that he did not realize that he was signing financing paperwork and trading in the vehicle he drove to this dealership. To add insult to injury, the dealership did not feel comfortable letting my uncle drive off of their lot, they actually drove him home in his "new" car.

As with dementia patients, they have bouts of clarity along with confusion. My uncle realized that he was paying for a new car that was financed at 10% interest and withdraw cash from his accounts to pay off the car before the interest mounted up.

After returning to South Dakota and being evaluated by a doctor, my Uncle is no longer cleared to operate a motor vehicle. He can not even enjoy the fact that he owns a brand new car! Since we, his family, discovered all this too late, nothing can or will be done, but I felt that someone needed to know about these vultures.

For any and all that read this letter, please save yourself and your loved ones the pain that United Hyundia has inflicted on my uncle and our family, boycott this dealership.

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  • Ma
      Jun 02, 2009
    United Hyundai - car dealership rip off
    United Hyundai
    2025 E. Sahara
    Las Vegas
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    On May 2nd I went into the dealership to ask about the 6885.00 pricing fro the accent. They told me that you had at least 15 qualifiactions to ge that price some of which contradicated each other. But after talking to James and then their closer Joe I agreed to terms verbally and signed off on it. I found a week and half later that the bank would not allow the deal. I went back to the dealer only after being threatened with Repo which they are not authorized to do. They also threatened this when I did not call back after they left me one message. I was at work and unable to call back fast enough for them. Once back at the dealer i loudly complained about the treatment and was yelled at by james patterson. At that point Scott Campbell and Tim(Slick) took over. I just wanted to turn my car back in but they refused that. Instead I was told that I would have to pay for mileage and daily rental fee in order to get my trade in back. I did not have that money and would have had to walk home. I signed for the new deal after being promised in verbal terms what they would do. When I refused to have gap and the extended warranty added they changedtheprice of the car so my payment would not change. The next day i was called back to the dealer becasue they realized that they had me sign a fraudlent contract that could have gotten them into trouble. The new contract had the correct payment but do not take into account the other promises that they made to me. When i asked about that they said that I would get the check they promised me to pay off my trade in, registration and to lower the payment for 12 months when I came back to pick up my green slip for the registration. Instead no chaeck was there. In trying to explain what happened they tapped dance around the truth. The told me that I was lying and that they were not going to do anything. I have since contacted the bank to tell them that they need to come and get the car as a voluntary repo. Without the money the promised i am unable to keep the car. i have also filed complaints with the BBB and with Hyundai motors. Hyundai has tried to intervene but as they tell me they are unable to do anything when it comes to their dealers.
    So if you decide to go to this dealer beware as they are only concerned with makeing a sale and not keeping a customer. Besides they already have 2 dealerships that are being forcible closed.

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