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United Hyundai / scam and cheating

1 United States
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I almost hate to admit that I am the ex of one of these CON-ARTIST. In my dealings with him in our duration of courtship, I was a witness to the enjoyment they laughed about, over high-end, expensive drinks they had after hours at bars on monies they where paid from ripping these innocent people off. They actually go to bars and discuss their daily victims mishaps and laugh about it amongst one another, then compare their bonus incentives for their misdeeds. I actually learned a valuable lessons by being in their presence during their prideful boastings. I tell you the truth, these salespeople and management take much pride in what they do. Their only concern is their pocketbook and getting it fat as possible at the disadvantage of unknowing, naive, gullible and misinformed individuals. They use many tricks and tactics to lure YOU into their dealership(which if you remember the golden rule, nothing comes for free: you wouldn't be their victim, yet greed consumes to many of us, then experience end up being our teacher.) tricks like free gas, winning products, scratch off cards, guaranteed approvals, no moneys down, factory prices, you name it, they'll use it. Some of them don't sleep at night trying to figure out a more convincing trick of luring you into their dealership. Remember these people are paid off of commission, if hourly pay is involved it is very little, if not minimum-wage. This is the reason for the press-game (according to what they call it). They get you down there, run your credit(hopeful the salesrep/manager you get is not the ex-felon/credit thief, believe it or not some of them are ex-felons, with your confidential information) play the I'm here to help you game, and then start the persuasive game of con artistry. If you listen long enough and even begin to believe, you are going to get screwed and I mean screwed royalty. Once they screw you on the car overall dollar amount, they are going to send you to financing, who in return needs to make his commissions, will attempt to sell you all the other back-end, add ons, onto the loan(gap insurance, bumper to bumper warranties, extended warranties, etc...). Now a car that would have only cost you $17, 000.00 with a bank/credit union pre-approval, ends up costing you $22, 000 at their financing selected company's (some will even promise to run the offer for financing through the company/bank/credit union of your choice, this to is a hoax. Just do it yourself.) Last but not least, your adrenaline is flowing at high speeds due to all the wheeling and dealing, that if you listened long enough to accept one of their offers, you are at the point of 'lets just hurry and close this deal, where's the dotted-line(after 3 plus hours of being somewhere you hadn't planned to be and the offer sounds so good, 'WHY-NOT ACCEPT' remember their pocketbooks have your best interest at heart LOL and not to forget and mention, enough of your precious time have been wasted). So you rush through all the documents, not checking for accuracy(come on, who has time for that, that's a lot of paperwork) if you accepted one of their offers, you'd better have all the time in the world to stop and check, before you sign on that dotted line, or else you check it later to be surprised by all the incorrect entries, and extra monies your spending that you didn't agree too, remember once signed it's yours, not theirs anymore, it's your problem. Now last of all, they'll go out to a bar have drinks and laugh about your misfortune as they stuff their commission of misdeeds into their pocketbooks. BE WISE, SHOP SMART AND EDUCATE YOURSELF BEFORE A NIGHTMARE LIVES ITSELF OUT AT YOUR EXPENSE!!!


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