Uhaul / overcharged then almost assualted me when I called him on his scam

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On mar 18, 2010 my mother and I rented a uhaul from verde vally uhaul located at 27 west gen crook trail camp verde, az 86322. We rented a 17ft truck and returned it the same afternoon. When we returned the truck your worked told us we drove the truck for 47 miles and was going to charge us for that mileage. We then told him that has to be a mistake. He looked at the paperwork again and then changed it to 36 miles. Which was also incorrect as the storage we drove the truck to is less then 5 miles away from your store. While only making one trip. (Her house is less then 5 miles from the store as well)

Your worker insisted the computer never lies and that's too bad as this is what the odometer read. We tried to explain to him the route we took and that there is a mistake somewhere. He put his feet on the table and reminded us the computer never lies and to pay the money. He then said he has been doing this for 13 years and refused to listen to us. I then asked him if he has been ripping people off for the 13 years. He then stood up and briskly walked over to me in a very confrontational/threatening manner and told me to 'get out'. He slammed the door at my face as I was walking out almost hitting me. Lucky for me I moved out of the way. Actually lucky for him and uhaul as I have no issues filing assualt charges against him and your company. Not to mention fraud charges. I felt he was trying to injure me. If he did manage to do what he wanted to do, the force would have bruised my face and probably broke the skin on my face as well. I was this close on calling the police for the overcharge and assualt. I should have.

I went to the car and waited. 10 minutes later my mother and your worker come out to tell me he made a mistake in the math and did overcharge us. Apparently the owner wrote down the wrong number from the odometer when we picked up the truck in the morning and did finally corrrect his mistake. Come to find out we did only drive 17 miles. Which is far from the initial 47 then 36 miles he was overcharging us for. Lets just make up numbers shall we?!?

Is this what it takes to make sure your company is honest?

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  • Vo
      27th of Jan, 2011

    EVERYBODY HAS bad days at work. Even you and me. No one's perfect. It's human nature. You rubbed him the wrong way as I see it. Should have let him hit ya, both you and your attorney would have been laughing all the way to the bank. People need to learn patience. Instead of jumping all over each other. That guy especially.

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