Turkish Airlinesflight downgrading wrong received compensation and staff bad behavior

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Dear Turkish Airlines customer service team,
I would like to apply for a complaint for being downgraded from business to economy class due to the overbooked flight.
The compensation I received was KD 184 which doesn't match your compensation article for overbooked flight compensation policy.
The flight is international from Turkey to Kuwait of 2180 Km which according to your policy should be compensated by 400 Euro, in addition to fare difference 50% of ticket fare for the flight.
Ticket price is KD 575
According to your policy I should be receiving KD 434.5, but I only received KD 184.
Please refund the remaining amount a.s.a.p.
I would like to also apply for another complaint against one of your team members in the airport.
I showed up at the counter at 8:12 PM at Gate no. 302 in front of the camera, the staff Meser Tkan had a very rude attitude.
He took my passport and asked me to stay away in a very impolite manner. I asked for his name and badge number and he started mumbling in Turkish.

Ticket Number: [protected]/S

please email me on [protected]


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      May 01, 2018

    Farrag Mohamedamgadosman
    7 April 2018
    Ticket no [protected]
    SERI NO [protected]

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  •   May 01, 2018

    dear Mr Farrag Mohamedamgadosman,
    if you need further assistance in your matter:-
    1. Your 2 above mesages to NOTEPAD
    2. Ticket no [protected] / reservation number SEQNBS (see your primary email from TK)
    3. boarding passes
    4. Send the above to < supervisor{at} >
    service charge: 13KWD, payable within 15 days, following successful result only

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  •   May 01, 2018

    5*) : please add voucher particulars ( KD 184).

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  •   Jun 03, 2018

    Mr Farrag Mohamedamgadosman, you misunderstood.
    No phone conversations are valid reasons of any refund in 95+% cases.

    Air carriers do not have obligations to look into any complaints, which are submitted via unofficial sources.
    And moreover, any official claims has to contain full particulars of the claimant, at least.

    IF there are NO signs of refund within 30 days, send:
    - ticket
    - boarding apss
    - any reply of the air carrier, within 30 days, if given
    - your name, city, country, email, phone for evening contact
    - few additinal documents can be requested later

    We recovernr debt and assist to refund with the compensation to passenger
    for the similar complaints, the sum can be not less than 600EUR/650USD/150KWD,
    or 2 flight sengemnts.

    35USD/30EUR/12KWD against invoice prior to service
    10% after the refund is issued in your favor
    Procedure can take 3+ months.

    Manager for ICAO/IATA irregulation matters
    aryan(at) - for requests
    air.irregulations(at) -, substitute (at)[email protected]

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      Mar 04, 2019

    The most rude staff I have ever seen, not helpful at all. Don’t respect travelers with babies. Flight delayed. No business class bus for transfer. Baby got cold. Business class lounge every time busy and dirty. Business without any priorities.

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  •   Mar 06, 2019

    @Anna Dikareva There is no sign of passenger related to user Anna Dikareva:
    no desription of events,
    no ticket,
    no boarding pass attachaed
    So, the message of user Anna Dikareva is gossip.

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