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Turkish Airlines / flight delay is due to compensation claim.

1 Lilburn, GA, United States Review updated:

On December 9th 2017 I booked 9 (nine) tickets to Atlanta from Dhaka for my family. Whose number was [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected] and [protected]. Flight date and time was Tk 0713 06 APR DAC-IST 06:15 - 11:50 and Tk 0031 06 APR IST-ATL 14:05 - 19:50, than there was break in Istanbul at 2 hours 15 minutes for connecting flight. When we re-confirming tickets and seats on 31st March 2018, we saw that the time was changed (Tk 0713 06 APR DAC-IST 07:30 - 13:05 and Tk 0031 06APR IST-ATL 14:05 - 19:50), there was break in Istanbul Airport at 1 hour for connecting flight, which was very short time for connecting flight.

On 6th April 2018 Turkish Airlines authorities (Dhaka Airport) was issued boarding pass from Dhaka to Istanbul and Istanbul to Atlanta . Probable the aircraft was late to leave Dhaka and late to get Istanbul airport . When we got down from aircraft at Istanbul airport than the Turkish Airlines authorities were taken by a officer in a special way to a gate for the next connecting aircraft. When we reached the gate than the gate was closed. Than the officer who took us away told us that our flight will not be available today. After that he took us to a counter at the airlines and we submitted our passports and tickets . Than the counter officer changed our flight date (Tk 0031 07APR IST-ATL 14:05 - 19:50)7th April 2018. The counter officer said that we need transit visa to stay at the hotel (Istanbul). We gave 630 dollar (cash) to the officer for 9 transit visa for the purpose. Although the fees of each visa was more than 60 dollars but we were forced to pay 70 dollars. Later we got the chance to stay at the Hotel Park Inn at Istanbul and the flight was on 7th April 2018.

we believe that this problem was caused by connecting flight to Istanbul airport for 1 hour at a distance of 2 hours 15 minutes . We know that no passengers of the aircraft can come to Atlanta on 6th April 2018.
Due to the failure of the Turkish Airlines authorities, our flight was missed. We were very scared, our children cried with their voices and we had a lot of trouble with bag.
Being missed by the flight, we were financially, mentally, physically and socially affected. We are kindly requesting the Turkish Airlines authorities to compensate us.
On behalf of
Yours faithfully
Sheik A R Rofikuzzaman

May 10, 2018
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  • Fl
      11th of May, 2018
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    Typical Bangladeshi story about the scam, which is not typical for TK immigration.
    Tell "thanks" to those immigartyion officers, which allowed BG citizens to croos the boarder and provided e-visa for small charge.
    If you know the Turkish lamguage, you can complaint regarding the delay in Istambul.
    if you know the lawyer in Atalanta, you can complaint .
    There are no proves that you (the author ) have any evidence "some one need to pay me".
    Dirty b---ch!

  • As
      16th of May, 2018
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    My names Asif Manman.

    I was travelling from Antalya to Istanbul on the 9th May 2108 TK2417 Scheduled at 16:50 which was delayed till 18:20 take off ( and had a connecting flight TK1987 Scheduled at 20:15 to London as our final destination.

    We had 1 hour and 45mins delay from Antalya to Istanbul causing us (me, wife and 10 month old daughter) to miss our connecting flight to London. To be specific about this issue, we had not missed the flight completely but as we got to the gate the airport security said they cannot let us board the plane as Turkish Airlines have stop anyone from boarding 15mins prior to take off although taking in to mind we was only delayed by them on the previous flight in the first place. Most surprising thing was, the flight has not taken off for another 35mins yet still we was denied from boarding on?

    I had spoke to the management in Antalya in regards to a possibility of missing our connection flight at the rate the delay was going. The staff was so calm and collective to say its all fine, you will be on the flight without issue. Bear in mind, hardly any of Turkish airlines staff on ground level can speak fluent English!. I wasn't to assured by his statement.

    No one in the Airport was helpful and wished to direct or instruct us in what can be done etc, i saw a lady with 4 children who also was stranded and was terrified at the situation we were put in to by the airline.

    My point is how can Turkish Airlines Management at the airport not inform or make exceptions for passengers which were delayed only by their own very previous flight to make sure we get on to the connecting flight? The security staff mentioned we have no information about your previous flight or reasons for your delay from Turkish airlines so we cannot open the gate. Now that is what i call terrible communication skills only to leave inconvenience to the passenger's. What heated me up the most is, we were standing at the gate which was connected to the plain for over 25mins yet still they did not let us board. Incredible!

    These guys have no customer service or communication skills whatsoever, i have never see anything like it. Just for a few mins of lack of management caused me and my family to wait another 12 hours for the next flight with no consideration about children at all. We was sent to hotel very late to get 2 hours rest with no food or drink and to top it off no luggage with us.

    My daughter had become extremely unwell as we had set off from Antalya hotel on Wednesday at 2:30pm and got home on Thursday at 1pm, ended travelling for 23 hours all in all just to get to our home in London! Astonishing!

    Turkish airlines had also lost my baby stroller which did not come out of with our baggage so i have had to fill out a form which mentioned someone will be in touch in 24-48 hours and guess what? no calls whatsoever and its been 6 days.

    I have made a complaint feedback form to claim damages for compensation and even at this stage they have found difficulty to understand and take my complain in. Reason i say this is they have emailed me back explaining to me about the boarding time and check in time procedures which has nothing to do with my initial complaint? i really don't know what to say or who to even talk to!

    I have just logged in a new complaint (REF: TK1158974) for the following:

    Missing flight, Missing Work, Extra spent on Food, Daughter suffering from Chest infection due to no rest and sleep, charges for extra day parking at Airport. This was the end result!


    Will keep this post updated on the end results and how Turkish Airline resolves this issue for me!

    All the best!

  • Fl
      17th of May, 2018
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    Mr. Asif Manman,
    There is no e-ticket (13 digits, start from 235-...) )
    for the 9th May 2108 TK 2417 flight associated with Asif Manman.

  • Fl
      3rd of Jun, 2018
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    It appears, that there is a legal dispute with the air carrier from your complaint.

    If you want to get the compensation, you need to submit
    - e ticket, PDF or E-MAIL FORWARD
    - any receopt
    - name of the passenger and email, phone
    - any reply on your requst, if you have it
    - boarding pass, if youave,

    The length of the procedure for the compensation can last from 6 months till 2 years, if no solution in your favor in 30 days
    The is no other outcome for the compensation of losses and harm for you .
    Compensation for 2 seggment flights start from EUR 500+ and more, if proved legally.

    We charge:
    - 30EUR/35USD against invoice before the claim, payment by card
    - 15+% after refund is issued

    Manager for ICAO/IATA irregulation matters
    aryan(at) - for requests
    air.irregulations(at) -, substitute (at)=@

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