Turkish Airlineturkish airline poor service and asking for compensation

A Nov 22, 2017

I travelled along with my wife by Turkish airline TK 715 on Nov 8, 2017 from Lahore (Pakistan) to Minneapolis (USA) with booking reference RLIYQZ. I am 66 years old and a patient of severe asthma. My wife is patient of Diabetes. We cannot walk more than few steps at a time. For that reason, at the time of purchasing ticket, I had requested for a wheelchair service for both of us at all airports throughout our travel with Turkish airline. To ensure that the service will be provided, I checked this with the staff at the check-in counter at Lahore airport and they confirmed that the wheelchair service would be provided at Istanbul, Chicago and at my destination, Minneapolis. After reaching Istanbul, I did not see any person to assist me or any person with the wheelchair service. Reluctantly I started walking. After walking little distance, I felt acute shortness of breath and was unable to continue and had to just sit on the walkway floor. My wife requested for wheelchair to an official who was guiding the passenger over there. That person called someone but even after waiting for 30 minutes no wheelchair was provided. Looking at the non-responsiveness of the airline/airport staff, I walked to a service desk and requested at least 4 times for wheelchair but even after waiting for another 40 minutes, we did not get any wheelchair. At this stage we were disappointed with this non-cooperation and non-serious attitude of the airport staff. We did not expect for such type of poor service. Reluctantly, I started walking to the gate as I did not want to miss my next flight. Finally, we reached at the gate with lot of trouble. At the gate, I again requested for wheelchair but had no success. Finally, I started walking to the boarding area to airplane but just collapsed and fell to the floor. I laid there on the floor passed out and exhausted and was finally attended by some official. A doctor with their team came with ambulance and they attended to me as I was laying on the floor. At this point in time, I had lot of shortness of breath, high blood pressure, chest pain and exhaustion. Doctor just gave me the table of blood pressure but no treatment for my severe asthma which had extremely set in at that time. After that I travelled with the same condition from Istanbul to Chicago in Flight TK 005. As I was in a bad condition I requested the cabin staff to please upgrade me to business class and I was ready to pay for it, but they kept refusing to do so. There was no emergency treatment available with the cabin crew. I traveled in the same state in that long flight with sufferings and under great tension.
Just to let you know, that I travel from USA to Pakistan and back few times a year. This was the first time I travelled with Turkish airline and had the worst experience of my life. I had to go through this ordeal and sufferings due to the noncooperation of airline staff who totally disregarded my wheelchair requests at Istanbul airport. With this kind worst service, I remained under a lot of tension and despair throughout my travel. It indeed caused me a lot of depression and uneasiness while on the airplane specially from Istanbul to Chicago. I could not sit in my seat and the crew refused to upgrade me to business class or even just lay on the floor for some time.
Travelling with the Turkish airline became a nightmare for me. This is a very serious matter and is obviously not in accordance with international travel laws. I hope Turkish airline would take this seriously as I would like to be compensated in some way to bring a closure to this ordeal.
Dated: Nov-22-2017

Mahmood Akhtar
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