Turbo Tax, Intuit / turbo tax: unreliable crooks

United States

Just received an IRS notice for taxes apparently owed back in 2010. WTF?! After paying Turbo Tax to efile my 2010 taxes I was assured a $311 federal refund - not a word, not a warning, not a single indication from the service that I owed anything. So much for 'Breathe easy. The calculations on your return are backed with our 100% Accuracy Guarantee. We double checked your return for errors along the way. We helped with step-by-step guidance to get your answers on the right IRS forms...' Total load a sh**t! I feel completely blindsided by this IRS notice and the inefficiency of Turbo Tax - I double checked what I filed/inputted. Found no errors there and realized the fault lay with Turbo Tax.
Called the 'Contact Us' number on the site and waited approximately 61 minutes and 34 seconds to speak to someone. When I explained that I believed Turbo Tax was in error - the operator/tax advisor suggested that I should have filed a Schedule C form w/my 1040. Hmmmm! I thought that's what I was paying Turbo Tax for!? - to help GUIDE me and ASSIST me in filing my taxes properly, shame on me for my presumptions. I was guided to a Schedule EIC, a Schedule M ... but not to a Schedule C...Thanks for nothing Turbo Tax! As a single parent breadwinner I'm used to dealing with numerous disappointments and constant financial strain - now I have one more to throw on top of the steaming heap.

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