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To be hounest I have never seen such an untrustworthy flight booking company. I have booked a flight with your company through sky scanner on the 27/03/2017. I filler all my information including the payment section. After I recived a confirmation email from tavelgenio, I went through to check if my information were right. Passenger name and the name of the contact person were swapped around and I'm sure that I checked the information more than twice and were right. I have called the egancy but they were apparently speaking Spanish. They said few word in English that I could understand such as" call after 5 minutes for English". I hung up and called after 5 minutes I explained my situation so they asked for the booking code which I did give them. They asked to hold, I hold on for long time. Than the line went off, they hung up on me. I called again they said to explain the situation again and asked for the booking code which I have once again give them and luckley the costumer service said that his colleague has been going on my file. They said to wait and was on hold for a while. Than my phone credit finished so I recharged lots of credit and called again and once again they said to call after 5 minutes as they don't have an English speaker available. I called again and they said they changed the name. I told them that I have read somewhere on the website that if I change anything in my booking the change won't be confirmed until after few hours because my booking was on the 29th of March she said that shouldn't be a problem and that my booking would be confirmed straight away. I checked online and my booking was changed indead and they asked to pay 30 Euro which I accepted, but again she asked to put me on hold, .
To sum up all the time that has been wasted for useless reason, more than once they hung up on me and they kept me on hold and each time I call until 4 hours they keep on saying call after 5 minutes for English speaker.
I tried the next day, they said the same thing. I recahrged credit once and twice.
On the 29th of March on my trip day I arrived to the airport 3 hours prior to the travel time. I asked at the counter to check if in case there is a problem with my booking. The Qatar office in the airport asked for my confirmation code/booking code and asked me to show my ticket he said there is no booking under my name. I was so shocked to hear what the worker said. He couldn't find my name nor my child's name. He said there is no booking under our names. He said I have to book again if I were to go on the plane that would departe after 3 hours. I asked if they have credit card facility, they said no I have to pay cash in my country there weren't many banks and ATMs so I exit the airport and went looking for one, the ATM gave me most of the money I needed but not all of it, so I suffered a lot until I solved the money out and paid for my ticket.
So I ended up paying twice $2380 and 2200, 000 Iraqi dinar.
I was so angry because if I don't travel on that day my visa would be in danger I was only allowed to stay in my country for 3 months and the 3 months finished which means I can't stay any longer.
Instead of paying $2380 I had to pay more tha $4500.
I'm not complaining about the bad Customer service, neither about the untrustworthiness, not about the double payment I was charged BUT I'm talking about the situation and the suffering I went through when I was going from bank to bank looking for an ATM. I'm talking about my visa which was about to expire while I'm in the airport trying to book for another flight. I'm talking about my child who was crying to death while I was trying to get the money to the airport so that I could travel before my visa expires.
I don't know who is responsible for all of this but I need a refund. My case needs a lots of attention and needs to be solved.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • TravelGenio Customer Care's Response, Mar 31, 2017

    Our team has informed you by mail about this with all details. If you need further info, please follow the mail chain. Regards

Mar 31, 2017

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