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Complaints & Reviews

Travelgenio that does not respond to three requests.

Travelgenio that does not respond to three requests.

Hello I bought a flight ticket from Incheon to Mexico City.
Afterwards, the trip was canceled due to the corona situation, so we requested to cancel the flight ticket, but the 3 emails did not respond to it, so it was not processed.
The reservation number is RPGSUB, and the reservation is KIM HEEJI.

i would like to refund.

There is no answer for a refund even after several days have passed. Travel is not permitted due to the Maldives ban. Emirates will ask you to contact the travel agent you have booked. Please reply and refund as soon as possible. Now I am going to be angry. Please pay the full amount of money as soon as possible and inform the results.

reservation code:G2WQL6(departure date : 2020.04.08 10:15 Moldives-Dubai round trip)

airline : emirates airline

credit card last number: 8056

reservation name : su hee jeon
chang hwa son

please reply by email : [protected]

[Resolved] Flight


I received a notification that our connecting flight has been changed but now only gives us 15mins from landing to departure! Which is impossible to do! It takes 15mins just to taxi the plane into the airport.

I have tried to reach out to get our connecting flight changed and used your customer service form three times and had zero responses from you, it's been OVER a month! Can't find a phone number or an actual email address.

My first ticket #3185169 was sent on Feb 2.

Please get in touch! Reference UPTWTM

  • Resolution Statement

    This complaint has not been resolved!!! No one ever responded to me! This is now the fifth time I have tried getting this crap company to respond to me about an involuntary change the have made to a connecting flight which means we won’t make the connection!

Refund due to Corona 19

Dear Travelgenio,

This is about booking IDM13Q flight from Korea to Paris on 10th April 2020. I am a Korean, and as the Corona-19 virus has been spread rapidly in Korea, India has prohibited the entry of Korean. The problem is that the flight I booked is via India, so I need to cancel the flight. I am sure that I should get a refund for it without additional commission fees since this is all because of the involuntary natural disaster. Every other agency allows canceling the ticket for Korean since it is canceled by the airlines. The card I used for payment is: 1354(Mastercard), just in case. Please respond to me as soon as possible.

The customer service is not responding to my email for about a week. This is so annoying and disrespectful for the customer. I hope to deal with this problem soon.

Hojin Yim

cancel my payment

I was informed by Korean Air that the flight was cancelled. I have asked for customer service several times, but I have not received any reply. I request to cancel my reservation...

No response for cancellation request

I haven't got any of response toward my request. I would like to request cancellation for my ticket due to COVID 19 visa restriction.
Please help me to get issue sort it out.

My book ref. is SRPVP6

I need to cancel them all of them

Reservation code : SRPVP6
1st Passenger : Hye yeon Im
2st Passenger : Gil woo Lee
Destination : AUH-COK
Flight dates : April 23 - April 25
Card No. : 9140


Please refund soon.


Please refund soon.
Treble Genio said that the airline's statement was necessary, but there is no such form and it is posted on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea.
Maldives caused by Corona Virus 19 are not allowed to enter the country.

We will contact you several times every day and call you, but we will send you the last one. Thank you for a cancellation refund email.

i would like a full refund due to immigration restriction between Dubai and Moldives.
Reservation code: G2WQL6(departure date:2020.04.08. 10:15)
emirates airline (round trip)
credit card last number: 8056
reservation name:
1. su hee jeon
2. chang hwa son
please reply by email: [protected]

I ask you to cancel my reservation.

I ask you to cancel my reservation.
Korea and Italy have the highest number of confirmed Korona patients worldwide, excluding China.
As a Korean, I wanted to go to Italy for my honeymoon, but I can't because of the virus that is getting more and more confirmed.
In my case, it was an unintended cancellation by Corona, so I want a full refund.

I bought it by silver. I ask for a quick reply.
I ask for help because I have to go somewhere else for my honeymoon.

* The first one is a ticket from Korea to Italy on April 27.
Reservation number: RD4PR4 or [protected]
Passenger name/E-ticket: JAENUNUNG SIM/157-[protected]
HANA LEE/157-[protected]
Number in the back of the credit card: 8313
Ticket Information: ICN - DOH QR859 (BOEING 777-300ER)
DOH-FCO QR131 (BOEING 777-300ER)

*The second is a ticket from Venice to Prague on May 2.
Reservation number: SC36M2
Ticket: 064-[protected] - SIM JAENUNNG
064-[protected] - LEE HANA
Flight : QS 8735 - Smart Wings
Air code: QS/SC36M2

If there is any problem, please answer quickly.
Have a nice day.

cancel & refund request

i booked a flight between Rome and incheon to alitalia.(code : VTFGC4)

I received a reservation change email march 3th and could not confirm the reservation change on the website.

Alitalia company has confirmed that flights have not been made to Incheon since March 10.

I am very angry with your company for sending a reservation change without explaining this situation.

I do not want to change my booking and my flight schedule is canceled due to the airline's circumstances, so I request a cancellation of the ticket without a cancellation fee.

Please process a 100% refund as soon as possible.

and i give you informaiton below to cancel

Specifying the name of the passenger : YONG JIN KIM

the last four digits of the card used to make the booking : 2456

whenever i sent e-mail about ticket cancellation and refund, i just got a auto mail only.

i tried to contact travelgenio by website, e-mail, phone call, but there was no answer.

please let me know your progress.

please reply as soon as possible with this matter and get a refund.


It's well over 90 days since you told me. Even if I send you an email, you don't reply. Do I have to wait without a break? Please reply.

reservation code : QFBXYWM


i would like refund by coronavirus

i would like a full refund due to immigration restriction between Dubai and Moldives.
Reservation code: G2WQL6
credit card last number: 8056
reservation name:
1. su hee jeon
2. chang hwa son
please reply by email: [protected]

No answers whatsoever..

I understand there are crazy amount of inquiries at the moment but i would really like to speed up my process here. My booking code is NHDXBS. Yesterday I received the notification from Aisiana Airline saying that my flight has been cancelled due to Corona virus. Therefore, I would like to request full refund for my ticket. Thank you.

Canceling and refund for my tickets

I would like to cancel my flight tickets.
My reservation number is [protected] or ARVDFO.
It's a one-way ticket from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to Lusaka, Zambia on Air Tanzania on 17/3/2020, and there are 4 people.
I would like to cancel all 4 tickets.

Also, I would like to know if we can get full refund for the tickets, since we had to cancel them due to COVID19 issues.
Due to COVID19, our flights to Tanzania are already canceled, so we are unable to go to Tanzania.
Also, there's entry restriction in Zambia, and heard that we have to be quarantined when we enter Zambia.

Basically, it's impossible for us to ride this plane in Dar Es Salaam and enter Lusaka.
I heard that many flight carriers are generous with cancels regarding COVID19, and refund the full amount.
I hope we could also get full refund for the tickets.

Since we are URGENT right now, we want our reply AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
I also sent emails to travelgenio, so please reply back my emails.
Thank you always for your help.

Refund for airline cancelled flight not received

We booked a flight from Bangkok to Phnom Penh for 4/1/20. The flight was 'changed or cancelled' on 10/12/19 I.e. pre-coronavirus outbreak. When I went on-line to check to see what the status was, bizarrely my booking now showed that we had booked a car in Madrid for 28 April to 30 June! I phoned Travelgenio on that day to find that the airline had cancelled the flight (but they would not explain why my booking was now showing a car reservation). I was only offered a flight with the same airline but on a different day, which was no good as we had a connecting flight from London. I asked for my money back.

The airline contacted me on 27 December to say that I had to ask Travelgenio to get my money back.

On 2 March Travelgenio emailed me to ask how my flight booked with them went!! I immediately wrote back to ask for the status on my refund. Silence. It is now 91 days since my flight was cancelled. Our reservation on the system is still showing the Madrid car booking presumably to use my refund to pay for a non-existent service so that they do not have to pay me.

Fortunately we used a credit card to pay for the flights and I will now be contacting AmEx to report Travelgenio for fraudulent activity to get my money back from them.

If Travelgenio cannot refund a flight cancelled pre-coronavirus, then there is no hope for any bookings made for the coronavirus period. It also looks very likely as though the company is acting fraudulently by not passing back our refund.

I am complaining about refund my tickets

I bought 2 tickets to South Korea using Travelgenio but those were cancelled by Corona virus. So I contacted to them email, and calling many times, but they didn't answer yet. I heard that even though they refund, It will be tooken about 60-90 days but i have to close my account last day of this month. So I have to get refund as soon as possible. And this issue is not my back. So I'd like to refund full of the tickets' prices

NO response to reservation cancellation request

Because of the Corona situation, Singapore restrict entry from Korea. So, I'd like to cancel my reservation with fully refund.
According to Singapore Airlines, they will waive all cancellation and change fees for customers with tickets issued on or before 3 March 2020 for travel on any Singapore Airlines.
Please confirm this and cancel my reservation with fully refund.

My reservation information is as follows.
Reservation code : [protected] (travelgenio), KLPHOV (Amadeus)
Passenger Name : Injung Kim, Gayound Lee
Last 4 digits of the card : 2494

I sent this information many times to Travelgenio, but I didn't receive any response yet.
I understand Travelgenio very busy at this moment due to Corona situation, but It's very important to response to your customer as soon as possible.
Please proceed reservation cancellation and full refund.

Thank you.

I'm complaining about my flight

Hi, my name is TAEHUI KIM. I want cancel my flight because of the Coranavirus
I booked a tickets from your company, but I cannot go Australia
departure: Incheon
arrival: Sydney
email: [protected]
Tickes number is 081-[protected]
Reservatiom code: M9RWBG
please help me

changing the return date

I tried to change the return date from entebbe uganda
on the customer line I was holding many times no answer..I left messages..I ve send aswer..I paid service so I can change the date withOUT paying extra..I had to go to the arline and pay the extra charge to change the date...and I got also telephone bill what Ive spend on the phonecall trying to reach somebody from customer service!!!

changing the return date
changing the return date
changing the return date
changing the return date
changing the return date
changing the return date
changing the return date
changing the return date
changing the return date
changing the return date


they promised that I will get back my budget within 3 moths but now! I've waiting for 5 months about my refund. I several emailed them but they didn't reply back to me as well. I dicied to never use this company ever and I will make my friends stop to use this company even if travelgenio have reasonable price ticket.

Bad Customer Service - No Refund

My flight changes were changed involuntarily (the changed schedule does NOT make sense at all). The airline has publicly announced their full refund policy without penalty for all flights to the U.S., for all reservation including those booked through travel sites like TravelGenio. I submitted an online request for a full refund a week ago, but then no answer. So I submitted the request multiple times - still no answer. I've been calling them almost everyday, too - no answer. They just hang up after 5 minutes of playing some music. I'm seriously considering taking a legal action towards them. This sounds almost close to a scam.

No refund

Booking code : KVAPR6
I made a request to cancel my ticket by email.( 2019.12.09)
And you replyed to me about a penalty of 115 euros. [protected])
I called you and checked the contents again, and after four calls, I requested cancel. And I received a cancellation confirmation mail. However, no refund has been made. 4 months ago!!! Refund it soon. When I went to your country, people were so kind and nice, but I'm disappointed. I hope you have a positive answer.
I sent you mail many times, but there was no reply. So I asked the card company for help. You must solve the problem. If you keep doing this, only your company image is bad.

No refund
No refund
No refund
No refund

flight cancelled by airline and request refund

I refer to the preceding email to your customer service(ticket#3221828, #3264600, #3282568, # 3307620, #3318574) on 11.2.2020, 24.2.2020, 27.2.2020, 1.3.2020 and 4.3.2020. I had further contacted the China Eastern airline on 27.2.2020, 1.3, 2020, 4.3.2020. They had informed me that my flight MU2591 on 9.4.2020 and MU728 on 13.4.2020 had been cancelled, so that it is free for me to refund the air ticket money. However, the application of money refund should apply via your company. Please refund all the money to me accordingly without any service charge and penalty.

I had contacted you several times via phone, but still in vain. Furthermore, I had email to your customer service section on 15.2.2020 and 24.2.2020, 27.3.2020, 1.3.2020 and 4.3.2020, and no further reply had been received from you.

Please reply me immediately and refund the money to me. For further information, please feel free to contact me at +852 [protected].

Best Regards,
Ms. YIP Man

flight cancelled by airline and request refund

no information.

My booking No. is J8JQ2V

The flight was canceled by airline due to Corona 19 Virus.
but there was not ANY NOTICE about it.
the point that I'm really amazing, first.

I tried to contact with international call
waited 30mins. but no respond.
and I sent email that I asked about cancellation of connecting flight and refund.
but there is NO FEEDBACK until now.

I kindly request about feed back
cancel the flight and refund as soon as possible
I'm very very stressful now about this issue.
I'm getting mad now.

I hope your prompt reply.
Thanks in advance.

Customer service

Booked to go to Japan in April. Obviously now concerned regarding coronavirus and have waited on the phone multiple times having heard the message that the wait time is only a little over a minute, then cut off after 5 minutes waiting without even having spoken to anyone. Happens repeatedly. No answer.
Emailed to enquire about changing or cancelling my booking - again multiple times. Once received an automatic reply asking me to phone the number above instead (total waste of time!)
Should have spent my nearly £1000 elsewhere. Non existent customer service. Need to speak to someone to resolve this as a lot of money and can't be done through airlines directly.
Will have to wait (yet again!) for a response. A very unsatisfied (and Increasingly concerned) customer.

No refund for 3 months!

Airlines cancelled the flights we booked through Travelgenio, on Dec 5th I talked to Travelgenio agent and was told that I would get refund in 1-3 months. It's been 3 months and no refund.
Now I can't get through to Travelgenio on the phone, every time after being put on hold, the call gets disconnected. They do not reply to emails or messages sent through their customer service form online. Ticket #3271995 and #3312945.
Customer service is terrible!

Flight Booking

Hi, I made a booking on 03/03/2020 and received a confirmation email but no E-Ticket. Then, I received another email saying my booking has been cancel despite i have already paid for the flight ticket
I called TraveGenio but I can't contact with customers services.
I have sent email and still haven't had a reply. I need my money to be released back to bank immediately or my original ticket confirmed at it's original price.
My email: [protected]
My phone number: +[protected]

Flight Booking
Flight Booking


Name : Minyoung Kim
Email : [protected]
Reservation number : LJD2GA
Last number of credit card : 2308
Cancel my reservation as soon as possible
You guys even don't answer the phone


They don't give refunds.

I'm going to cancel the flight because of Corona.
But they have no answer to the refund mail,
There is no action without answering the phone.
I want a refund as soon as possible.
I hope you will expedite the refund process.

The following information is required to cancel my reservation.

Reservation code : FMRTW2
Flight date : 2020/3/5
Last number of card : 3142

Flight booking [protected]

Hi, I made a booking on 29/02/2020 and received a confirmation email but no E-Ticket. I then received another email saying my card was declined despite my statement showing the transaction had been successful and they were asking for me to pay again.
I called TraveGenio several times only to be hung up on and left on hold endlessly. When I finally did get to speak to someone I was told they didn't have record of the transaction and to call my bank and further advised that even if they had it i'd have to pay more as the flight price had changed since I booked?!
After calling my bank they have confirmed Travel Genio do have my money and have done since Saturday giving me an authorization code as proof: 037726.
I have sent 4 emails and still haven't had a reply. I need my money to be released back to bank immediately or my original ticket confirmed at it's original price. Very poor experience and I would not recommend using them.

Flight booking [protected]

You didn't inform us that our flight was cancelled. Don't ignore the request to refund our money.

I am Huiju Bae. I and my 2 friends booked the flight from Vladivostok to Sapporo 2 weeks ago(10.02.20). Our reservation code is YQTQEO.
When we arrived at the airport, we just realized that our flight had been cancelled. It was so terrible. Because we have never got a email from your company. we couldn't get refund our hotel at all.
I have sent you email several times, but your company haven't reply that. I want to get back all of my money. I am waiting for your reply.

Huiju BAE

PS. My E mail address is [protected]

l sent email many time but l still have not received any response at all

l bought 2 tickets form in H.K. booking ref is (SLASHO), (F42GQS) for my daughter who is currently studying in the U.K. WONG TSZ LING, due to the coronavirus outbreak, The U.K. government has banned their return to H.K, therefore l would like to cancel my flight and get refunded back.
About a month ago, l sent to e mail to customer service ref is (Ticket#3211293, [protected], 3276411, 3276389)of requiring a refund my tickets.
Yesterday l received to e mail by for schedule change-action required re: contact your company at once if not maybe l lost my flights and the amount paid.
On today l received to e mail by Emirates for important changes to my flight l call the Emirates Airline HK. He said l need contact my travel agent.
However, l still have not received and response at all, therefore l am here again and again and request, please contact me to slove the problem
my phone +44 [protected] e mail: [protected]
Kind Regards
Keith WONG

Booking flight

I have booked the flight from China to Australia through Travelgenio.Due to the Australia custom restrictions I need to cancel my tickets. I tried to contact Travelgenio since last Friday, through their website customer service page. I made the cancel request more than three times, but no one has ever replied to my request in one week.And no one answered the phone.there isn't any customer service at all!!!How can I solve my problem?

Booking flight
Booking flight
Booking flight
Booking flight
Booking flight
Booking flight
Booking flight
Booking flight
Booking flight
Booking flight
Booking flight
Booking flight

travel tickets to Buenos Aires EZE from LHR

I am to travel with little children and travelgenio is not given me the new tickets they said they purchased and pay... the connection was only 15 minutes which it was impossible to be made, now my connection is 55 minutes but does not appear to exist in Virgin Atlantics database... I AM STRESSED OUT and I do not know what to do they do not respond to my requests or emails

Refund not provided after saying it was sent!!

I purchased a ticket from Perth to Nairobi using the booking site Travelgenio.
They had to change my dates and unfortunately I was not able to take the new flights. They offered me a full refund but said it would take 3 months!! to process the refund.
Now it's been more than 3 months and they are ignoring all of my emails! I have sent more than 5 in the past month.
90% of the time i call their 24/7 telephone line it hangs up on me after being on hold for 5 minutes!!
the time i do get through to talk to a human being they offer no information and have said they will email me information immediately after our phone call to which i have received nothing!!
I am so completely infuriated by this terrible terrible company and their shoddy customer service! Complete crooks!

Travelgenio's poor customer service.

Unbelivable. i booked the ticket in 28th January. but unfortunately had to cancel it due to corona virus issue.

I submitted the form in February 11th, still haven't got the reply yet. I sent them email personally, i have not received the reply.

i fb them, they read but ignores it. I phoned them, they intentionally hang up the phone.

really? is this the way they treat their customer? please do something about this, travelgenio.

My reservation code : [protected]

i cannot wait anymore.

Airplane canceled

I have to rush back to Korea today. I made a reservation on the Travelgenio website yesterday afternoon, but I checked the reservation status: cancellation several hours later. I have to return home today, so I rescheduled the same flight from Maitrip to check in. There is no refund yet, so I just checked the site and it seems like ticket issuance is going on, so I am contacting you urgently. In conclusion, two people are booked for four seats. I'd like a quick refund, please.

Airplane canceled

please cancel my booking!

I booked on Travelgenio, reference is PXG5KJ

My schedule has modified by airline.
And departure date is upcoming 22nd FEB.

I have contacted with customer service about for cancel my booking. But they never confirmed me about cancel!!!

so I got called customer service but they never pick up..

And Travelgenio facebook account has blocked my account!!

Please cancel my booking before flights depart ASAP!!!

I can not wait no more.

fake flights sold and still no refund or response

Travelgenio sold me a ticket from Serbia to London operated by Air Serbia which did not exist. I received an email from cust.[protected] on 25th October 2019 to say the airline has approved a refund which I will receive in 30-90 days. I have not received the refund and now no-one is responding to my emails to follow up and when I try and call I'm on hold for ages and then the call is dropped. I am not sure how to get in touch and get my money back! I would just like my refund which was promised.

Booking ref: LWKGKR
Name: Dragan Saric
Email: [protected]

flight on cathay pacific

I have been unable to contact Travelgenio or get any reply following my emails and calls.
I have booked a flight from Hong Kong to Singapore which was supposed to depart at 4pm, but one week later, I receive a message from Travelgenio that the flight was changed to another flight number departing 4 hours later. Obviously, the new conditions are not tolerable for me and I would like to request a refund or rearrangement, which is my right. However, it is impossible to get any reply from them. This company is a scam, stay away from them !!!

flight on cathay pacific

I purchased a ticket but the ticket has been voided

I purchased a RT Ticket Itinerary Apr 2-22 HKG-Gru.
But because of the epidemic in China a lot of countries ban the travelling to China, Hongkong etc. I contacted the Turkish airlines and said the ticket has already been voided. I asked for the refund they told me to deal with the travel agency I already send dozens of email with travelgenio they are not responding how it has been voided, or if I will get a refund, or rebook they are ignoring all my emails and its been weeks now. Please Help

I purchased a ticket but the ticket has been voided
I purchased a ticket but the ticket has been voided
I purchased a ticket but the ticket has been voided
I purchased a ticket but the ticket has been voided