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TravelSmart VIP Complaints & Reviews

TravelSmart VIP — vip membership club

I have just returned from the Royalton in Cancun Mexico on the 20 October 2019. The hotel was great. It all went wrong when we attended their sales pitch. We were kept there for 7 hours! We signed up as we were promised cheaper prices on 2 weeks per year for upgraded rooms. We agreed to pay...

Travel & Vacations  · Oct 23, 2019

[Resolved] TravelSmart VIP — membership contract

We were approached while on holiday in Jamaica for a lunch and presentation, we sat for 5 hours listening to hard sell of TravelSmart VIP, when I suggested that we go away and research and consider the options, the big boss guy entered the picture, a Canadian Manager, who bamboozled u...

1 comments Travel & Vacations  · Sep 15, 2019

[Resolved] TravelSmart VIP — holiday membership (yearly points)

We were pulled in for a ‘chat' about how we could save money on our holidays. They claimed we could have a Caribbean holiday every year in a royalton hotel as well as saving us money. After paying over £10, 000 it turns out this is far from the truth . We got flybacks included in our deal...

Travel & Vacations  · Sep 02, 2019

[Resolved] TravelSmart VIP — membership cancellation after 4 months

I been trying to cancel my membership after the grace period without no success. Which my wife and I got suckered on Punta Cana Royalton. We live in US. So far we had to waited over 1 month to get to someome review my case. To inform me that I was not going to be able to pay in full in...

Travel & Vacations  · Aug 12, 2019

[Resolved] Travel Smart Vacation — holiday packages

This is the biggest legal scam since insurance. These people are selling potentially what we would call mortgage holiday memberships. You pay to get access to a so called membership for 30% for some resorts and 15% for others. They charge you a monthly interest in your membership which...

Timeshares / Vacation Rentals  · Jun 18, 2019

[Resolved] TravelSmart VIP — travel club

Hello everyone. We are experiencing the same problems! Our problems stem from a vacation in the DR. Additionally, we used all of the provided resources to cancel within the allowed time period. I contacted my bank and asked that that block all transactions from Travel Smart. They complied...

Travel & Vacations  · Jun 04, 2019

[Resolved] TravelSmart VIP — complaint

In 2018 we have been told that by signing the contract we are receiving 3 free weeks, which is not true They said the point is enough for for booking which is not true They said we are receiving 2 free weeks in where in the world which is not true The said that the price will be cheaper...

1 comments Travel & Vacations  · May 27, 2019

[Resolved] TravelSmart VIP — vacation package

Do not fall for their vacation package. They sell points to use to book a vacation but then upon returning home found out that you also have to pay an additioanl $$$thousands to book a vacation. So you are paying thousands of dollars for just being a Diamond Club VIP when you can pay the...

Vacation Clubs  · Apr 21, 2019

[Resolved] Travel Smart — prize redemption - hosting diaries

In August 2018 during my stay at the Royalton Punta Cana Resort I won in a prize draw sponsored by Travel Smart an award referring to four lodging days in one of the several hotels in the network. I planned to spend the holidays of May / 2019 in Mexico and following the instructions of the...

Hotels  · Feb 18, 2019

[Resolved] TravelSmart VIP — travelsmart vip contract for blue diamond membership.

Please note this is a review I wrote on pissed consumer. I have a friend who is a news reporter who I will ask her to take up my case and investigate your company practice. Your company can not keep on deceiving people who just come for a pleasant holiday, Myself and partner went to the...

Timeshares / Vacation Rentals  · Feb 02, 2019

[Resolved] TravelSmart VIP — membership

We were sold Travelsmart membership for 15 years when we were vacationing in one of their all inclusive resorts. We were told the membership covers all costs in their resorts. We tried to read and understand all details in the contract. However, they are scam artists and the contract i...

Vacation Clubs  · Aug 29, 2018

[Resolved] TravelSmart VIP — bought travel points we were misled

Last year we went to Jamaica and we say a beautiful resort next to ours and decided to get more information about the resort for our next visit, we were accompanied to an office call Travelsmart they showed us the property and gave us a complimentary breakfast, from there we were taken to...

[Resolved] Travel Smart VIP, RCI, Sunwing — travelsmart vip, sunwing, and rci

We were recently in Jamaica with Sunwing on an all inclusive travel package from November 12th to 18th, 2017. At the check in to the resort were invited to come to a presentation of the Travel Smart VIP program offered by Sunwing and Blue Diamond resorts at the Royalton Negril resort and...

[Resolved] TravelSmart VIP Vacations — travelsmart vacation club practises

We were grossly mislead about what we were buying into. The salesperson showed us the required points & associated fees in a brochure, assuring us that we were purchasing enough points to stay in a premium room while traveling in any season. We were also shown user fees that ranged...

Timeshares / Vacation Rentals  · Jan 06, 2017

[Resolved] TravelSmart VIP Vacations — travelsmart points

We were in Jamaica in November 2015 for a lovely 10 day vacation. On the first day, we were approached by some very nice people, and they promised us a free 5 day vacation if we had a meeting with them. We obliged, they spoke to us, and they made it seem as though if we used our...

Vacation Clubs  · Jun 13, 2016

[Resolved] Travel Smart VIP Vacation Club — they lied

For those who are planing to visit the Bahama, please be aware of those people which works for vacation club such as Travel Smart VIP Vacation Club in Freeport Bahama. They will invite you to come and see what they have to offer you, so you can fall into their trap of purchasing a vacation...

39 comments Vacation Clubs  · Aug 08, 2015