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Travelgenio - Flight Tickets

I was booking the last leg of a trip overseas during the difficult covid restrictions. I would not be able to exit into the country where the transfer airport of was located. This would have been a disaster to show up with no through ticket.

I used travelgenio to find this flight. I paid online and at first it seemed legitimate when I got a confirmation email for the payment. A couple of days later I got an email with an "e-ticket number" a "booking number" and an "airline booking reference"

However, there was no ticket. When I followed the links to the "my trip" page there was trouble loading the first few times. Eventually I got in, but there was no way to print the ticket.

I tried going directly to the airline site to enter those numbers, but it wasn't even the right format. None of them worked.

I did manage to find a phone number for TravelGenio, but the hold lasted more than 40 minutes and ended with a survey asking me how my call went - there was no service.

Then, I read reviews online that all state that this company is a fraud and doesn't give refunds.

Even the refund process is a scam. They ask for your banking information. Of course they should refund it from the card that was used. So, that's a bad sign too.

Desired outcome: The company should be closed and the legal representatives should face consequences in court as well as repaying all they stole to so many people, including me.

Travelgenio - Unauthorized credit card charge for a flight booking that was "not confirmed".

On Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021 I booked and received a confirmation through Travelgenio for a round trip ticket from Seattle to Mpls with Sun Country Airline. The Travelgenio Booking ID is [protected]. The flight price was $395.32.

The following day, on Friday, November 12, I received notification from Travelgenio that the booking was not confirmed. The email stated that the price of the flight had increased overnight to $559.43. I could either accept the increase and pay the difference or do nothing and "we will cancel the booking and refund the amount paid."

Sixty days later, on January 11, 2022, I sent an email to Travelgenio Customer Service, along with supporting documentation, explaining the situation and inquiring about my refund. They replied the next day by email, and said the ticket is "under the control of the airline and we do not have access to your reservation. Please contact the airline directly."

Even though I believe Travelgenio is responsible - it is their name that appears on my bank statement for the funds withdrawal, I decided to try this. My attempt to locate the flight reservation on the Sun Country website failed because my flight ID #[protected] is from Travelgenio. Sun Country cannot locate my flight because they use a 6 digit reservation code, which I do not have.

So, although Travelgenio made the booking, then unconfirmd the booking the next day, said in writing they would issue a full refund if I did not accept the optional flight they offered, and the name Travelgenio appears with the withdrawal on my bank statement, Travelgenio is now telling me they are not responsible for my refund - that the airline is, but the airline can't look up my flight because I don't have a reservation code to give them because I didn't book the flight directly with Sun Country. I never received an email directly from Sun Country about the flight.

Also, I can't further manage this with Travelgenio because their suggestion to monitor my flight/refund through their "My Trips" link is not displaying my records, the flight, a refund status, or anything at all. It is merely a loop that sends me an email telling me to access this information through "My Trips".

I am desperately wanting my money refunded. I received nothing in return for my payment. No tickets for this flight were issued and the booking status as of November 12th was "not confirmed - fare change". They charged me for a flight they never booked for me.

Desired outcome: I would like a full refund of $395.32 from Travelgenio, for an unconfirmed flight.

Jan 20, 2022

Travelgenio - refund claim not response

I purchased 2 flight tickets is from Guangzhou to Sydney. (transit in Aukland ) . Departure on 25/12/2021

on my ticket: I will take flight CZ305 ( 23:45 to 15:45 ) from Guanzhou to Auckland then take flight (TN1401 19:00 to 20:35, on 26/12/2021) from Aukland to Sydney.
When I check-in, the airline staff checked with their system, also called and checked with Auckland airport and Sydney airport, THERE WAS NOT THIS FLIGHT-TN1401. IT SHOULD BE WRONG OR CANCELLED
I have prepared all documents required for NZ and AU. they refuse we check-in and board as there was no flight TN1401, we are not allowed to fly to NZ due to NO FLIGHT TN1401, although we have a transit visa.
It is really terrible experience.

now I have to stay in Guangzhou and buy new tickets for me and my wife.

I claim to get a full refund for my 2 tickets.

My booking number: [protected] purchase date:16/10/2021

Desired outcome: full refund


Travelgenio - Refund of a fully refundable ticket is of course ignored

They are robbers. I'm filing their refund form for the third time. First two times they replied that I should read their... UK FAQ page with dozens of questions about everything, the third time they told that I'm not eligible, with no further information on term and conditions that would contradict to their advertising in time of booking anyway. Typical irresponsible arrogant company.

Desired outcome: Normal human attention and refund

Jan 17, 2022

Travelgenio - Refund of canceled flights and the lack of response from Travelgenio to multiple requests as our booking agent

I have had no response to my attached request.

Our flights, booked through Travelgenio, were canceled by Royal Air Moroc, and we no longer have a need for replacement flights from them. All attempts to notify or communicate with them have failed o produce any result, but I am advised that refunds should be processed through the Travelgenio agency.

From Royal Air Morac:


We have received your complaint concerning your reimbursement request of your unused tickets, under the reservation file reference "NBTB2Z".
We invite you to contact your travel agency "TRAVELGENIO", which issues your ticket and is the only one authorized to respond to your request.
Please accept our sincere consideration and hope to see you soon abroad Royal Air Maroc flights.

Royal Air Maroc
Customer Relation

On 26/05/2021 20:33, Walter Siemon wrote:
Please issue future travel vouchers for the following flights cancelled by Royal Air Morac.

flight AT997 of 31/05/2020 .PNR NBTB2Z

flight AT218 of 31/05/2020 .PNR NBTB2Z



Please advise…

Walter Siemon

Desired outcome: Full refund

Travelgenio - refund required for my cancelled flight

I had booked my flight from Bangalore to Bangkok for the 25th of Jan 2022 through your website and later that flight was canceled by the airways. I made this booking on the 22nd of December and I have still not received any status of my refund.

I have tried to get in touch with them many times and it has been of no help. Send plenty of requests but no response back from them.

They sent me a request for registration the number of which is 4664292 but no one has gotten back to me.

My booking reference ID is [protected]

Desired outcome: Need my Refund

Travelgenio - Air ticket refund

Hello there, I booked flight thru site - the details are as below and also attached is the copy of the flight. Flight booking reference number: XDCXKO Flight booking code: [protected] The flight was cancelled by United airline and the airlines refunded the full amount back to travelgenio. But travelgenio is not refunding my amount. Can you please help me to get my amount back from travelgenio? Thanks, Kalpana Malik +[protected]

Desired outcome: refund the amount I paid

Travelgenio - Refund of cancelled flight

I have been trying to get a refund for my cancelled flight and have spent an hour contacting British Airways and Travelgenio now. British Airways told me I need to get Travelgenio to contact them...

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Travelgenio - refund new booking

I had a flight booked with you, Booking [protected]
I did not get a refund due to Covid cancell everything, however an email stating I can have credit to book at a later time
Clarice Ford New Zealand
12th May 2020 Fly SAP to RTB San Pedro Sula to Roatan
19th May 2020 RTB - SAP

I am now ready to book this same flight on the 14Setp to 24th Sept 2020
Can I use refund to pay for this, plus I booked baggage

Desired outcome: flight booked and payed

Jan 12, 2022

Im ready to use credit

Travelgenio - Reschedule my travel

Hello Sir/Ma'am,

I am trying to reschedule my ticket from Delhi to Toronto. But I am unable to get hold of any customer representative. I am down with Covid 19 and will not be able to travel. Please reach out to me at [protected]

Requesting you to please help me.


Desired outcome: Reschedule Ticket


Travelgenio - Return ticket of British airlines for UK to YVR

Hello! Travelgenio booked my return ticket from delhi to vancouver in August without informing me that British Airlines does only take passengers who are Canadian citizens back from UK to canada. Since Me and my fiance are Indian citizens, they will not let us board. Our flight from new delhi to UK is on feb 16. I request the airline to book me another connecting flight from UK to vancouver rather than giving us any refund. I shall be very thankful to your reputed agency for taking this matter serious and meeting my request since it is not our fault and this was duty of travelgenio to not book our return with british airline as it is nearly impossible that your agency was unaware about the problem that has occured to us. I hope the justice prevails.

Desired outcome: Rebook flight with different airline from our way back from UK to vancouver.

Jan 09, 2022

Please solve this matter as there might be so many other people like us having the same problem.

Travelgenio - Refund not received one year after confirmation of airline approval


Original booking was for 04/05/2020.

Travelgenio confirmed via mail on October 22nd 2020 that we were entitled to a full refund and this would take 6-8 weeks to complete.

We then made contact once again in January 2021 when no refund had been processed. The agent on the phone that day claimed that refunds were now taking up to six months to process.

It has now been over *14 months* since we received confirmation of a refund and yet there has been no such refund processed and zero communication from your team.

Over 20 months on from the original travel dates and even longer since initially paying out this money, we are at our wits end and need some help.


Jan 06, 2022

Travelgenio - BOOKING REFERENCE [protected]

Made reservations for one way flights for 3 people. Flights were from Asuncion, Paraguay to Ciudad del Este, Paraguay on Paranair Airlines. Flights were to take place on 19 August 2021. Flights were cancelled due to the pandemic. Flights were cancelled March 2021. TravelGenio told me it would take 12 weeks for refund of $279.34. It is now 10months later and no refund and now they are not responding to my emails...please help...

Desired outcome: Full Refund


Travelgenio - Did not receive e-ticket of booking reference sk44bh

First of all not able to talk to you over the phone. You are asking for Reference number which I dont have with me how should I talk to you? You are not taking my call . Such a poor service. I didn't receive my E Ticket so far. Please send it ASAP. My phone number in India is +[protected]. In India there is a curfew on Saturday the 8th of January 2022. How I will travel to Airport without ticket? Is this your service?




Travelgenio - Booking code: [protected] - Wrong booking by Travelgenio

Filght reference JBWHGO/EY
While checking in for my flight from Bengaluru to Abu Dhabi, I was shocked to find out that Travel Genio had booked a ticket for me without any check in baggage allowance.

The airline booking code that was initially provided to me was AIRLINE BOOKING CODE:EY/LTLSRW. Which was a wrong booking code and I had to search for the correct booking code through the airline.

The Etihad ground staff did not allow any bag to be check in without paying the extra baggage fee of USD 700 plus tax amounting to Rs 54775 Indian Rupees.

I had to pay this amount after disposing off about 25 kgs of baggage while retaining about 35 kg for the travel.
During the time of booking, I did not opt for no baggage as this option is ridiculous for a regular airline ticket when only low cost airlines have this option and we have to clearly select the baggage allowance. In this case there was no option to select and I was informed by Travel Genio that such a ticket was available and booked.

I request you to kindly make arrangements to refund the full amount paid as extra baggage along with nominal amount for 25 kgs of personal effects disposed off at the airport to reduce extra baggage fees.

Desired outcome: Refund of excess baggage fees paid plus compensation for left baggage of about 25 kg

Jan 02, 2022

Travelgenio - Flight cancellation refund

Booking Ref. [protected]

I cancelled one flight from Muscat to Amritsar with cancellation Ref. no. CA-108609 Kindly update the status and refund the amount in same debit card which use during booking.
Kindly refund as soon as possible (I am waiting since 12-Dec-2021)

Desired outcome: Refund required


Travelgenio - Online flight booking

Booking ID [protected]

I booked a flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Hong Kong on Travelgenio's website yesterday. Travel dates are 11th Jan 2022. 

I am yet to receive the eTicket confirming the flight ticket. Typically, this would happen instantly but we have waited for more than 24 hours - yet no eTickets from this company.

We have waited for months to secure a quarantine hotel room and finally secured one yesterday.

This is an urgent travel and dates are not flexible. Please help prioritize eTicket issuance today. 

Desired outcome: Please help prioritize eTicket issuance today. 

Travelgenio - Payment has been deduction from my bank account


I ma writing this regarding you have been deducted 2 payments from my account. under Name Of travelgenio Madrid.

Dates : 24 DEC 2021/ 347.90USD
26 DEC 2021/ 409.50 USD

I am kindly request to refund the payment as I didn't know why this amount has been deduction from my account, so please to Help me with this issue.

UNFCU account number [protected]

Dec 29, 2021

Travelgenio - baggage allowance paid, not rendered and neither any "services"

When I booked the flight London to Mexico, Travelgenio BOOKING REFERENCE IS: [protected], I could not find ANY checked baggage option other than under special services, so I paid 2x Special Services $83.98. I spent 2 hours on the phone to Spain only to find out that there is no baggage allowance at all "serviced" but the only "service" rendered is that Travelgenio calls BA on my behalf, asks how much it costs and informs me of the costs. That's it! Complete deceit, fraud, false advertisement, taking advantage via confusion and absolutely disgusting! All you have given me is GRIEF. I called BA myself already, took me 10min and all I found out is that is correct, there is no baggage allowance on your tickets and you have to pay extra at check-in. Why would I pay travelgenio $83.98 for this info? Also the vegetarian meal option I could have done myself. I contacted travelgenio via Mytrips twice already, early December and yesterday and no one contacted me, so no service whatsoever, no contact, no baggage and I lost 2 hours of my time and money to call Spain. [Ticket #4608264] Dec 4 and [Ticket #4642375] Dec 28. I would like to get reimbursed $83.98 plus an extra $50 for the hassle, grief, lost time and phone costs to Spain for 2 hours. Thanks, Susan & Petr, [protected]

Desired outcome: I would like to get reimbursed $83.98 plus an extra $50 for the hassle, grief, lost time and phone costs to Spain for 2 hours.

Jan 04, 2022

Same situation happened to me on 2nd Jan 2022. They booked my ticket on Etihad Airways without baggage allowance. I lost 700 USD and a lot of grief as well.

Travelgenio - Refund

Reg: Travelgenio
Booking Code: [protected]
TICKET:[protected] - bamdad nazli

I bought a ticket one way from Dubai to Toronto Canada for Dec 9, 2021 with Emirates and air Canada being the airlines indicated in the ticket. Due to illness(Covid) I could not get to my flight. I still do not have a straight answer from Travelgenio when I will get back my money. I have send few emails and opened a case at their website, so far I did not get any reply. I should be able to get the full amount back.
I have included the ticket number and hope this case will be resolved soon.

Desired outcome: Refund

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