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TravelGenio Complaints & Reviews

Travelgenio / Refund of ticket

Jun 22, 2019

I HAD BOOKED A FLIGHT FROM BUDAPEST TO MUMBAI ON 27.07.2019 VIDE TRAVELGENIO, BOOKING REFERENCE PCG5IJ TICKET:589-3463962762 - SHARMA PRATEEK TICKET:589-3463962761 - MASTA ADITI Since the airways had cancelled all the operation, i had requested for the refund of the ticket. Jet airways i...

Travelgenio / airline delay

Jun 17, 2019

To whom it may concern, I booked a Malaysian airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur to Amman on the 12th of June. This consisted of 2 Malaysian airlines flights: MH4501 at 2:10AM (from KL to Dubai) and MH 4531 (from Dubai to Amman) at 7:30AM. Ticket number: 2323198719060 When I reached the airport...

Travelgenio / payment and no confirmation for the flight

Jun 16, 2019

dears, i made booking but no confirmation till now, and money was deducted from my credit card as shown down from the screen shot can you please check and get back to me asap as i tried to call you no answer, and i send too many emails and there was no answer you are horrible and the...

Travelgenio / jet airways flight cancellation and refund regarding it.

Jun 14, 2019

We had booked a Jet airways flight on 26th of January 2019 for 2 people to Mumbai from Munich with a halt in between at Amsterdam. We were flying on 25th of May 2019. We were getting confirmation from travelgenio regarding flight till the last moment so we didnt even think about that our...

Travelgenio / no refund cancelled flight

Jun 13, 2019

I found out myself that my flight was cancelled when I heard Jet Airways was bankrupt. I did not receive any update or help from Travelgenio. After speaking to one of their customer service advisers I have been told that I have to contact Jet Airways. Jet Airways told me to contact...

Travelgenio / flights that do not work

Jun 12, 2019

I received modification of my flight itinerary from Travelgenio less than 3 days before my departure. I am faced with missing my connection as I now have one flight arriving at the time my next flight departs. After speaking to one of their customer service advisers I have been told that...

Travelgenio / flight dublin to minsk

Jun 12, 2019

COMPLAINT & REQUEST FOR A FULL REFUND Customers: Elaine McCabe and Svetlana Galkovskaja Booking Reference number: MNQKJJ We booked flights from Dublin to Belarus with the airline Aeroflot. There was one stop during this flight through Moscow. It was a connected flight. We checked ourselves and...

Travelgenio / payment not received and unethical behavior from travelgenio customer support

Jun 11, 2019

I have requested to refund my money more than 2 month before, even called on customer care (INDIA on 11 June Qatar time 4.20 pm) representative was very rude and disconnected call without a proper answer. Below are the details of my booking and email chat please try to finalize the...

Travelgenio / don't use travelgenio - bad dodgy site - dishonest

Jun 10, 2019

bookingagency - dont use them they are dishonest I booked two tickets in jan 19 for flights between shanghai to hong kong, they money came out of my account that day, when we got to the airport on the 9th of may 19 our tickets were cancelled and we were told they weren't paid for!! When we...

Travelgenio / cancellation from jet airway

Jun 08, 2019

This flight (D2JVSA) has been cancelled by Jet Airways as everybody know. I called Jet Airways and said they send the refund 16th of April to the agents and I have a confirmation email from them. Travelgenio refused till today to return my money back, and all they can say is that it is not...

Travelgenio / flight cancellation

Jun 06, 2019

Hello, On the 19th of May 2019 at 19h50, my friend and I were traveling from Frankfurt airport to Prague Airport Ruzyne, the flight number was OK 537. We were surprised to know that the flight was cancelled while we were waiting at the gate. The reason was unclear. We were going on vacation to...

Travelgenio / customers service

Jun 05, 2019

When is anybody going to read this email and deal with it. I am tired of getting the same email from a professional firm who ignores the content. I am ashamed to be associated with it and certainly will warn people about how you ignore my emails and the terrible way you deal with customers services ...

Travelgenio / flights

May 31, 2019

Booking number: TPKUKN Dear Sir, Madame, I have booked several flights on TravelGenio for my father and myself! We also booked luggage, because we were leaving for 3 weeks! This has cost us quite an additional amount. Now we have found out - at the airport- that luggage wasn‘t included...

Travelgenio / refund query, ticket cancelled/kept open with malaysian airline

May 30, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam, Due to some emergency I had to cancel my booking on 03.05.2019. Booking code Travelgenio:14179406 Booking code Galileo: W5WVPM Booking status:Cancelled Type: Adult Passenger: SHARVARI KETAN TAMHANE Ticket: 2323684387467 Status:OPEN Date: 30/04/2019 Contact name...

Travelgenio / jet airways cancelled flight

May 28, 2019

Hi I booked the flight jet airways from mumbai to toronto on 30th april, but the flight cancelled. I request for the refund to travelgenio and they still I didn't get any positive feedback. I callad spain office also. my ticket number is 5893684307775, travel code 3z4r4w and ekahid is my reference. please do the needful. Thanks.

Travelgenio / booking flights

May 28, 2019

Since I booked our flights in February ref YWFMNS -we have had at least four schedule changes from the company. Even worse the connection times no longer work. I tried and tried to contact them and eventually got through and was told they would change the booking to the previous day so it...

Travelgenio / I paid: no tickets issued

May 27, 2019

TravelGenio still continues making new victims Headquarters‎: ‎Madrid, Spain Founder: Mariano Pelizzari Like many others I bought an online ticket with TravelGenio from Paramaribo-Amsterdam only to realize they issued a bogus ticket by email and never actually purchased the ticket from the...

Travelgenio / sri lanka attacks - flight refund not received

May 27, 2019

Booked a flight in late April to Colombo however due to the Terrorist attacks in the city there were flight changes and had to cancel the ticket. TravelGenio never issued the full refund the passenger is entitled to!! It has been more than a month!! Their customer service is absolutely despicable...

[Resolved] Travelgenio / reimbursement of cancelled flight tickets already confirmed

May 23, 2019

Due to a severe hospitalization, I had to cancel a trip Europe to Mexico. I submitted a request for reimbursement to Travelgenio, which was confimed in December 2018, indicating that reimbursement will be done within 3 months. After 6 months, the reimbursement is not yet proceed nor answered any...

[Resolved] Travelgenio / never received confirmation email and can't get through to customer service

May 19, 2019

Never received confirmation email and can't get through to customer service . Have tried the international and German numbers, each time I get put on hold and then the line just goes dead/hangs up after 10-15 minutes. TERRIBLE as we simply want to confirm if we need to book again or...

[Resolved] Travelgenio / refund not yet received, no contact, 7 unanswered emails, utterly shocking customer service!!!

May 16, 2019

I have been in contact with your company since the cancellation of my flight from Dubai to Singapore on March 28th, 2019 AND I HAVE NOT YET RECEIVED A REPLY TO MY 7 EMAILS. I booked a return flight with Jet Airways through Skyscanner, from Dubai to Singapore. The flight was originally booked and...

[Resolved] Travelgenio / flight refund, scam company, no response, zero customer service

May 16, 2019

I have been in contact with your company since the cancellation of my flight from dubai to singapore on march 28th, 2019 and I have not yet received a reply to my 8 emails. I booked a return flight with jet airways through skyscanner, from dubai to singapore. The flight was originally booked and...

[Resolved] Travelgenio / flights / booking

May 15, 2019

I have booked flights through skyscanner for the 11/05/19 - 14/05/19, that I had then selected travelgenio's flights as it was the times I preferred. 11/05/19 I had tried to check in online with air New Zealand the system did not allow it, soI had then looked at my itinery which then I saw...

[Resolved] Travelgenio / refund not received - flight cancellation jet airways

May 14, 2019

I had booked 2 tickets from Frankfurt to Bangalore in Jetairways via Travelgenio (Booking code SM99BE) . At the first place I had to contact the Travelgenio on my cancelled flight and ask them for the update. Rather than I get an update from them about the cancelled flight Every time I have...

Travelgenio / refund not received yet for a flight cancelled by an airline - 5 months

May 14, 2019

Booking reference: J7WSJP from the date: 25/11/2018 ( Tel - Aviv - Tbilisi ) was done via Internet site . TICKET: 1142832688569 - 1692832688572 - Koifman Genadi TICKET: 1142832688570 - 1692832688573 - Koifman Alla We were informed by TravelGenio on 14.12.19 that outbound flight ( > LY5109...

Travelgenio / jet airways cancellation

May 14, 2019

Hello I am highly disturbed to know that Jet Airways has suddenly announced shut down of their airlines. I requested a full refund of my ticket, from Toronto to Delhi booked via Travelgenio. Since it is none of my fault and the airlines is completely at fault here, it is mentioned at the airline...

Travelgenio / refund for cancelled jet airways flight.

May 13, 2019

Travelgenio Booking ref QTAQMI Jet Airways has confirmed that flight has been cancelled and fund refund will be available through Travel Agent (TravelGenio). Jet Airways also confirmed that they haven't received any refund request for my Jet Airways booking reference BVYNVE. Jet Airway...

[Resolved] Travelgenio / flights

May 13, 2019

Good Afternoon, I would like to lodge a complaint about a rescheduled flight. The booking code is: JBOPPD I am seeking $37.40 compensation for the phone billing costs I have had to pay for calling Travelgenio to resolve a matter regarding a flight that was rescheduled. Rather than re issuing...

[Resolved] Travelgenio / redirect flight to leave from vancouver instead of gold coast

May 11, 2019

This company needs to tell its employees to actually ANSWER customer service calls. I've been calling back over and over to make changes to my flight. I get put on hold. Told a service agent will talk to me shortly. Then they hang up as soon as it goes through. What kind of messed up scam...

[Resolved] Travelgenio / flight refund

May 09, 2019

Jetairways have cancelled flights from Indonesia to the UK. Travelgenio said I would be entitled to a refund. Travel Genio tell me I need to go directly to airline for refund, Airline says I need to go to Travelagent to get refund (it actually states this on the airlines website, which I...

[Resolved] Travelgenio / your website

May 08, 2019

I booked a flight in North America from your website. The last quoted price was $683. The next click took me to payments and the price was $732.33. I went back and checked what the increase was for, and found nothing. The page said there was no credit card fee. I rang your NZ number and...

[Resolved] Travelgenio / flight ref (travelgenio xenhjl)

May 06, 2019

I booked a Jet Airways flight via TravelGenio on 26/02/2019 departing Bangkok on 30th May to Heathrow. Jet Airways have since suspended operations and TravelGenio said they would contact me when they knew more about my flight. The fact is, my flight has been cancelled!! There really i...

Travelgenio / travelgenio - not refunding the cancelled jet airways flight tickets

May 05, 2019

I have been contacting Travelgenio regarding the refund of my Jet airways cancelled flight (booking code TNCC42 and TWE7VN) from Dublin to New Delhi. The staff is extremely rude and unhelpful particularly Fedricca (if that's her name). They asked me to contact Jet Airways and Jet airway...

Travelgenio / travelgenio not refunding cancelled flights

May 05, 2019

Booking number : RXTW9I, e-ticket number: 5893419076836. Jet airways cancelled my flight and since then, I have raised two tickets (2448304, 2424746) with the travelgenio team requesting for a refund. in both cases, the team has said that I should contact the airline (Jet airways). I also...

Travelgenio / not refunding canceled jet airways flight tickets

May 03, 2019

I have been trying to get my refund from travelgenio for my jet airways cancelled flight tickets (booking code 5JVH2I and 71CKKG). Jet airways mentioned in the email that they have processed the refund. Every time I speak to a travelgenio customer care, they say they are still awaiting for...

Travelgenio / travelgenio is not refunding for cancelled jet airways flight.

May 01, 2019

We had booked tickets from TravelGenio website for Jet Airways (Booking Ref Code 13041314). Jet Airways cancelled all the flights and sent email to contact Travel Agent TravelGenio for refund. Despite of sending several email and filling online form, there is no response. I called...

Travelgenio / flight cancellation

May 01, 2019

Due to the recent terror attacks in Sri Lanka and subsequent declaration from the UK government that all unnecessary travel to the country should be avoided, my partner and I have requested a cancellation and refund. The flight in question is an Air India service, flight number AI 281...

[Resolved] Travelgenio / flight booking refunds

Apr 30, 2019

Ref. Booking no. : 12404249 / XZLF9E We have booked a flight from Mumbai to Paris in 2018 for travel date 22-09-2019. Flight booked was Jet Airways. Since Jet Airways has been shut down in April 2019, we ask for refund of booking. We have contacted Jet Airways, and they have shared the refund...

[Resolved] Travelgenio / flight canceled by jet airways

Apr 28, 2019

We booked tickets from Amsterdam to Toronto at Travelgenio for 18 July. The flight would be executed by jet airways. Recently we have read the public information from jet airways about cancellation of all international flights, but Travelgenio did not informed us about this. Neither about...

Travelgenio / no care for wellbeing of customers safety

Apr 27, 2019

I have a flight booked to Sri Lanka booked in a few weeks time. First of all the amount charged to my account was significantly more than te price at payment, whoch itself is totally unacceptable. Heres where it gets worse. After the terrorist attacks in sri lanka the foreign office ha...