Toys R Us store / untruthful advertisement

Des Moines, IA, United States

I went shopping after the Christmas holiday hoping to get some good deals. I had a Little Tikes play swing and slide toy in mind for my 1 yr old daughter, who had not gotten her Christmas present yet. She was lucky receiving a gift card from another Santa, that's why I decided to shop at Toys R Us. The advertisement for the slide and swing set was $99.99 over the counter, but when I went to check out and it ring up the original price. I was shocked because the total bill was more than I've expected. I asked the cashier and was informed that the $99.99 price is no longer effective after December 24th. I was very disappointed. They should of update it or take the advertisement down. The price tag was big enough that it can grab your attention right away and a big red SALE word right above the price. The valid date was in small print. I think this is just untruthful in advertising their products hoping to get your attention and the price rung up totally different than what's labeled over the counter. I decided to get the product anyway just because I want to see my little daughter smile. I just want to let everyone know who untruthful this kind of business was and how unfair it was to me as a loyal customer.

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