Toyota Motor Corporation (Soweto)diagnosis

I brought the car in for diagnosis and I was told by a Toyota adviser by the name of Thapelo Leutle who advice that I change the car battery on the 20/11/2018, this was post "diagnostic test" to which I took the advice but the car was not indicating and I was asked to bring the car the following day 21/11/2018 which I did but none of the technicians could solve the problem instead the gave me a quote for wiring assuming this would solve the indicators problem without even checking the indicator globes, it became clear that whatever they did on the 21/11/2018 messed up as when I got home the car died and it wont start, I gave Soweto Toyota manager by the name of Luyanda a call and advised her of my problem and she promised to bring a mechanic by the name of Lucky who never pitched.

My Ref numbers are: [protected] and [protected]

Resolution to this is for this team to get someone qualified to check my car as clearly none of the people that were busy on the car know their job, I want my car to gotten back to a drivable state before 7:00 am on the 22/11/2018 as Lucky didn't honor his appointment and never cared to advice me and apologize, all they cared about was knocking off when I am stuck with a car that wont start. I want all parties involved in this disciplined and want to be adviced on the disciplinary action taken by Toyota against Thapelo, Luyanda and Lucky as they were all not helpful.

Nov 21, 2018

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