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Complaints & Reviews


2T2BK1BA1DC224285 I have a Lexus rx350. I was recently in a major crash the car was totaled and my airbags did not deploy I received injuries .
I was driving on a snow covered but plowed side street. Going about 20 miles per hour. Came to slight incline in road with curve to left. Tried to turn to left and car did not turn. Antilock brakes were pumping with no effect. Felt like car accelerate dr slid directly into telephone pole. This is a road I drive on everyday for work. Why didn't bags deployed .?


I was left my car lexus gr 350 2015 for diagnosis noise from side of the door.. After couple days they call that my car is ready for pick up.. When they drop off my car.. I notice...


77780 I have purchased Lexus GS 350 2015 model, from the lexus dealer in Kuwait in 2016. The car is still under warranty. (2021) the car was sent for repair (hot air coming through AIr...

loyalty to brand means nothing anymore!!!

I have been a Lexus own for over 20 years. I have purchased x4 lexus vehicles. one sedan and three GX460. I have heard rumors that the brand was not what it used to be and that its service has suffered as a result. I have been loyal to the brand for many years and always thought I would keep driving a Lexus GX 460 truck. on 10.6.19 my radiator blew while I was driving in the interstate. the vehicle ran hot which resulted in the head gasket blowing. the vehicle engine is designed to shut do=wn when over heated to protect the engine. THis did not occur. My emissions system was being recalled and was to be repaired on 10.13.19. the Emmission system made the engine light be on and I was not alerted that anything was wrong with engine. Cost of new Engine more than $10, 000. Called Lexus Corporate for assistance. They basically told me that it was my problem. They don't care about loyalty to the brand. They were Cold and Impersonal. I have a truck that is worthless. They wont help me repair. I can't go buy another Lexus becuase they do not stand behind there product. This is a malfunction of the Engine and recalled Emmission system.

I can't be loyal to a brand that is not loyal to me and stand behind there product.


water drains in side the passenger side of the car.

Bring car to the Atlantic Lexus of 110 dealer as water is leaking in side the car at passenger side mat. Car vin number is 2T2BZMCA3HC066548. Car is under warranty and dealer i...

lexus dashboard

I bought a 2009 Lexus 350RX in 2015. I was never warned about the possibility of the dashboard failing, even though Lexus was aware of the problem at the time. I never received a letter regarding an extended warranty. A few months ago, my dashboard started cracking after taking it out of town instead of it being garaged. It is getting worse and worse and actually starting to melt. Lexus will not fix the dashboard, despite it being a known manufacturing defect.

I should have been told about this possibility by the Lexus dealership when I got the car. Despite the expiration date of the extended warranty, Lexus should still stand by its product, especially for customers who did not receive notice of this problem.

I will never buy another Toyota product again.

  • Updated by HMT1 · Sep 18, 2019

    I bought a 2009 RX 350 Lexus in September, 2015 from a Lexus dealership. I was not told of the possibility of the dashboard failing. I also never received a letter from Lexus informing me of this possibility and the extended warranty.

    I have always kept the Lexus garaged at home and at work. This summer I took an out of town trip which exposed the dashboard to direct sunlight for a few days. After the trip, I noticed hairline cracks appearing in the dashboard. The cracks have gotten worse and worse, with vertical cracks lying side by side, and a horizontal crack that runs the entire length of the dashboard. In addition, the dashboard material is getting a sticky, melted feel to it.

    Neither the dealership nor Lexus, when I called on 9/18/19, will take responsibility for paying to have the dashboard fixed since I missed the extended warranty date (which I was never informed of). I spent over $22, 000 on a used vehicle, thinking I was buying a quality automobile. I never expected something like the dashboard to disintegrate. I feel betrayed, as I have gone to the Lexus dealership for all my service, paying thousands in repair fees and tuneups, and no one ever mentioned this problem to me. Now, I can't get help getting a clearly defective manufacturing problem fixed without spending at least another $1500.

employee kenneth johnson

i went into the lexus dealership on 9/3/19 for a diagnostic, i ended up needing a new hybrid battery on the phone i was told my total would be 3690$, when i went in to pay for the...

Lexus of Arlington — horrendous customer service from general manager, marcin ajdukiewicz

Purchasing a 2019 Lexus 350 RX in July from this dealership has become a nightmare. When purchasing this vehicle, I thoroughly explained my need for a navigation system that...

lexus enform

I have been paying for this service after the initial complimentary period ended. I called for a tow/charge and was told by two representatives that I was out of warranty and there was nothing they could do about it. I had to call AAA instead. My service manager contacted them and I do have roadside assistance. They did apologize but ...They failed me when I need them. Do not buy!

dealer service

I have been a happy Lexus customer for over 15 years and with Toyota before that for 4 years. I first purchased a GX followed by an ES for my wife. Later I replaced the GX with an...

Lexus LS 460 — denying me service (olatunbosun gbolade)

I took my lexus to this dealership and I was not satisfied with the service provided and I expressed my displeasure about my experience and the service manager WES BOLES banned me...

2017 lexus rx 350

The Lexus Sports Utility Vehicle is not living up to its expected performance. I am experiencing problems with the navigation system, which is changing to a dark frozen screen.

The other problem is that there is a knocking problem coming from the gasoline tank when it's full. The knocking sounds are annoying, and it seems like the dealerships have no idea or clue how to fix this problem. It's a problem which is going on for more than two years and continue to this day. If the problem persists with no remedies, Unfortunately, I am not going to buy another Lexus RX 350 vehicle.

2019 lexus nx300 - scratches on left bottom frame by driver side door

77780 I found an 8 inch area of scuff marks on left lower frame where driver door meets the frame. I took it to dealer as I didn't want the issue to get any worse and get into the...

oil cooler line

To whom it may concern, On April 18, 2018 I purchased a 2009 RX350 SUV. I wasn't concerned about the year because of the great reviews the Lexus brand has. And how they can...

customers service

"Lexus customers for life" is clearly not what the company is concerned about...any longer!
Lexus International, is only concerned with making excuses for individual dealerships miss treating and lying to customers.
Lexus International only response to dealerships not providing quality and guaranteed services ( advertised and warranty) is " Individual dealerships can refuse providing any "Lexus International advertised guaranteed customers for life service" after the Auto is sold.
For example: something as low cost as washing Lexus vehicles or checking tire pressure!
Or, tires for life...using any miner thing to say...a customer didn't service the their dealership.
Our first Lexus was in 1992, next 2002, last 2003. We still own the 2002. We sold the 2003 to The dealerships in May 2019. One month later took the 2002 for a complimentry carwash ( Lexus Melbourne FL) and we were told... because we purchased the 2002 at Lexus of Melbourne...they would not wash the vehicle.
Outrageous and small minded abuse of client!

lexus navigation restarts all day

I was charged close to $700 for my radio that had no sound. Once I picked up my car it started doing this all day reset of my navigation system. I took it back to Lexus and was told that there is a master reset to navigation systems that are having this problem. My car has been to Lexus 2 times for this same problem and it still doesn't work correctly. This morning it started working and I know later on going home it will go back to the restarting things it's doing.

lexus navigation restarts all day

Ourisman Lexus of Rockville — auto loan / defective car

pursuing a lemon law claim Hello, I purchased a used car from Lexus of Rockville on Saturday May 25, 2019 and as I was driving home I heard a "pressure buffeting sound"...

interior (see attached pictures) of lexus is250

I just bought the car on Jan this year and the car is slightly more than 10 years now (i.e. 10 years 3 months). The car is working fine except for the interior which I noted the rubber is pealing/dropping off. I'm quite surprise with the poor quality of it as I had drove other cars that are more than 10 years but no such problem at all. This is my first time buying a Lexus and I'm not sure if I will still go for this brand as I was told by the service engineer that this is common for a 10 years car. As such, I would like to hear from the management on this and since I'm going to drive this car for at least another 5 years, please let me know what can I do to rectify the interior condition.

interior (see attached pictures) of lexus is250
interior (see attached pictures) of lexus is250
interior (see attached pictures) of lexus is250
interior (see attached pictures) of lexus is250

Warranty coverage for known issue dealership will not cover

2015 Lexus RX350 VIN #: 2T2BK1BA2FC342817 I purchased my RX350 on 11/24/18, however the one I purchased was not the vehicle I was told was available. The one I wanted was sold...

Lexus Malaysia / Wing Hin Auto Carriage Sdn Bhd — Report rx350 3.5 (a) of the condition vehicle abnormal jerking and lost power

645669 To: Lexus Japan Customer Services Complaints We bought your Lexus RX350 (A) in the year January 2014 at the price of RM435, 340.00 in Malaysia from one of your dealer Wing Hin...

deceptive car advertising

Long story short. Do not buy a 2019 lexus es350 f sport from this dealership or any other in the united states. Their much advertised lexus safety system+ 2.0 is a fraud on thi...

2006 rx330

I am very disappointed with the dashboard interior inside my 2006 rx330 lexus the dashboard has begin to break up and fall apart this is just unacceptable for I lexus brand my...

door lock actuator failure on 3 out of 4 doors on a 2014 lexus gx460

I have had 3 out of 4 door lock actuators fail on a 2014 lexus gx460 with 65000 miles. Each replacement is $633 at the dealer. I complained to lexus customer service and was told...

my gas tank won't open

I went by pembroke pines lexus on sunday nov 11, 2018 and had the worst experience with service advisor ed. Who told me the could not take care of the issue only monday through...

lease - sent to collections

Beware of leasing from lexus! At the end of my lease I was sent a bill for $1042. I believed this to be high so I called lexus to ask they review this. A week later I spoke to the...

Lexus/Toyota in Lebanoncustomer care

Good morning,
My name is sami talge, I am an electrical engineer with double nationalities (french and lebanese)
I bought 2 lexus cars nx200t one for me 2015 and one for my daughter 2018
And I believe that this car is the best in this category but unfortunately your customer care in lebanon is very bad that why your classification in europe you are in the best 3 but in lebanon your classification is far behind and this is due to the bad services; the events are as follow:
- for a normal revision "change lube oil + breaks, after paying the invoice and been delivered my car I couldn't stopped my car because they did not evacuate the air from the system this happen in september 2017 I spook to a responsible in the head office without any action
- on 10th of february 2018 I went to the head office for my 60000 km revision, even there I was badly surprised for the bad treatment I got, (I have an appointment) I had to wait 90 minutes only to have a list of what to do in my car, and as I was very late for my work so I did the minimum as to change the lube oil and to came back later for the other services, and to my surprise I have to pay for the checking 50$ for a service not done (they call it"checking"), how ever when they delivered to me my car, but without cancelling the alarm of oil change either the did not mention any note on the car maintenance book
This is unacceptable even when I ask to speak to someone for my complain no body is available for me, they don't care

customer care
customer care

hybrid battery died under 76000 miles

I got check hybrid system error came when its only 76000 miles on the car. Lexus dealer charge me diagnostic cost of $149 and then told me cost for replacement is $7000. I called...

rx 350

I bought a lexus – a lexus rx350 - in 2007. At about the same time, needing a vehicle for commuting, I purchased what some might say is the antithesis of a lexus – a hyundai – a...

rx 350

In 2008 we purchased a new 2008 rx-350 from a portland area lexus. Prior to purchasing the vehicle we spent months researching the lexus brand, reliability and customer...

recall issue

Had an issue with a safety recall. My car required repairs because of a recall issue before I received the recall notice and I paid $375 to have it repaired. To get reimbursed for this has been a nightmare! The first person I talked to said just send the bill, proof that you paid the bill, and the certificate of title for the vehicle. So, I gathered it up and emailed it to them. A week later I get a message left on my phone from "juan". Juan now wants all sorts of additional paperwork (short of my kids birth certificates) that to me were superfluous.

Lexus definitely wants you to buy one of their high-end cars. But, when it comes to keeping customers satisfied, they fall wayyyyyyy short. I will never buy a lexus again!!!

bad car deal I got a lemon

I purchase a 2008 lexus on april 28, 2015. When I first saw the car couldn't drive it because it had a flat tire on the driver front side. I went back 3 days later and drove it...

poor customer service

Getting an oil change at stevens creek lexus is a nightmare. They are so disrespectful in that they book 8-10 appointments every 20 minutes, so the service is the worst. I am...

gs450h hybrid battery

My gs450h has 102, 000 miles and my hybrid battery went out the warranty is for 100, 000 the dealership is telling me that the cost is going to be $6, 000 I think this is really...

avoids repairs with warranty problems

Hi, I am a lexus owner. I own rx350, 2008. My gps suddenly stop working, its not respond when I touch screen. Some time response when I touch heard. So I finger out if I touch heard it will response some time. After some time I got crack on the screen. Then I find out that still my car is under warranty. I brought my car to lexus dealer (hennessy lexus at gwinnett, ga) to check. The man name cj tall me after check every thing, that I have put suction cup on the gps screen to damage this, which is not right.

Since its damage by me, will not going to fix by warranty, if I want to fix that then I have to pay $7000 (seven thousand) dollar. Lexus should have better reason to avoid warranty. This is very bad police. I have used about ten different band name car so far. I have never experience that type of service. I bought lexus to have better performance, better service, and better warranty. I am very disappointed. As a user I am not very knowledgeable about the car part and electronics.

If any thing gets bad, still I will try to use it same way. By doing that it may get more damage. That calls after affect. Everybody will do same thing. First gps stop response, then I touch heard and crack the screen. The crack done by me but its not my fault. Intentionally am not going to damage my car. Nobody will. Still I hope you will solved the problem.

service cost

I am an 81 yr. Old widow and took my car in for the 50, 000 mile check up. My bill was $697.69 which I think was unbelievable. There was nothing wrong with the car. No trouble at...

Lexus ES350 — exaggerated charges for &wear and tear& on end of lease vehicles

Returned vehicle at end of lease. Had it inspected two weeks earlier at local lexus dealership and was told it was worth at least $5000 more than what it was offered to buy off...

no help with blown transmission

I recently had the pleasure of paying for a complete transmission rebuild on my son's 2001 rx 300. At first glance, one might say the car is old so what's the big deal. The transmission is flawed and has inadequate flow for cooling so in the long run it becomes so hot it fails|.

A total rebuild with an external fluid cooler was required to cool appropriately|. Customer service declined any help in covering the $4100 cost?.

I'll pursue a little further before reporting to government agency for recall evaluation!.

I have 3 lexuses and if I wanted my transmission to fail, I would have bought a chrysler/. My loyalty, if not reciprocated, will move to another more deserving brand'. I will purchase 3 new vehicles in the next 4 years and the revenue lexus loses will exceed any reimbursement". My son saved his own money and to have a 40 precent repair of a well-cared for and well maintained vehicle is devastating to a young man just getting started and his brand loyalty is in question.

rx 330

My lexus rx 330 popped the molding on the quarter window. The window is intact and not in need of replacement. However, in order to correct for the loss of the molding, a strip of v-shaped plastic about 1" wide, i'm told I have to purchase the entire window. This is ridiculous. I've since discovered, this plastic part pops out a lot and lexus knows it. There are many people posting on and, complaining about this.

Lexus USAlexus tire warranty

Lexus offers absolutely no warranty on oem tires on your brand new lexus. That risk is all on the owner. This certainly is not explained at purchase. These tires cost nearly $300 each and no warranty. Certainly lexus has enough power with michelin to get the same warranty michelin offers through costco — huh??

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Nov 22, 2010

    If you had a problem with it, then you shouldn't have purchased the vehicle. And it doesn't have to be explained to you at purchase, it's all in the paperwork you sign.

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customer support

To whom it may concern.

Subject: lexus customer support is nightmare.

On thursday 7/22 I took my ls430 to fort wayne lexus to check the low level whining sound. The problem was diagnosed as rear left bearing. The repair was quoted $661 and I agreed.

I was told tomorrow friday is open. I told the service mgr. We plan out of town travel at 3:00pm. He indicated if I bring the car by 11:00am, I will have the car back on or before 3:00pm. I dropped off the car at 10:30 on friday 7/23.

I went back to the dear at 3:00 to pick-up the car. I was advise by the service mgr the car will not be done before 5:00pm. There was no offer of accommodation for our weekend plan. I went back to the dealer at 5:00 just to be advised by assistant service mgr the is not ready and it needs additional parts at the cost of I believe $600 and that the part must be ordered. Still no offer of a loaner to salvage the weekend.

I asked to have my car back together as I do not wish to proceed with the repair. I was told it is not possible. I did not authorized additional cost and upset went back home.

Saturday 7/24 I called the service mgr to reinstate that I do not wish to proceed and would like the return of my car. He indicated the car can not be put back together.

Being upset, I called lexus hq, [protected], option 4 "customer satisfaction department". After waiting some 20 minutes I got to speak to gina holland and explained my situation. She indicated someone will contact me within 2 working days, that would be monday 7/26 or tuesday 7/27.

To make sure I called lexus again on monday 7/26. Again, waiting for about 20 minutes or so I got to speak with jessica monian who assured me I will receive call from jose martinez by tomorrow tuesday 7/27.

No call from mr. Martinez on tuesday 7/27.

On wednesday 7/28 I receive call from scott larman, dealer's parts manger who I have know for many years, offering small discount for the additional part and asking me, on a personal level, to authorize the repair, to which, I agreed, I agreed not for token discount but because of the good man who called. I picked up the car the next day, thursday 7/29. Done.

Being upset not have heard from lexus hq I made a follow up call on friday 7/30 and again after 20-25 minutes I got to speak to briana barkley who put me on hold to check if mr. Martinez can talk to me. About 5-7 minutes later she returned and advised mr. Martinez is currently busy and can not talk to me and that he will call me. I asked for the name of higher level manager. She said ms. Deidra charles. I asked if she would return my call!

On saturday 7/31 not having heard from mr. Martinez as yet, I decided to write to ms. Charles to express my dissatisfaction for the way in which lexus, arrogantly disregard my complaint and ignored my calls.

On friday 8/06. Perhaps after receiving my letter, I got a call from mr. Martinez, apologizing for the way they handled my case. He gave the reason for not having enough personnel to handle as such complaints... And that there were a few other unhappy customers for the same reasons!!!

Its worth noting I never heard from ms. Charles. It is unfortunate she did not have professional curtsy/decency to acknowledge my calls and letter.

I had expected a lot from lexus and I am totally disappointed and dissatisfied for the way in which they reveal themselves. And for this reason, I propose to rename the organization, "customer dissatisfaction department".

The purpose of this writing is to alert consumers of lexus baseless and false advertisements, "the pursuit of perfection". Buyer be aware. If customer support is important to you, don't count
On lexus.

Ray farashahi

  • Li
    Libi Kruta Sep 06, 2015

    I had an issue with a safety recall. My car required repairs because of a recall issue before I received the recall notice and I paid $375 to have it repaired. To get reimbursed for this has been a nightmare! The first person I talked to said just send the bill, proof that you paid the bill, and the Certificate of Title for the vehicle. So, I gathered it up and emailed it to them. A week later I get a message left on my phone from "Juan". Juan now wants all sorts of additional paperwork (short of my kids birth certificates) that to me were superfluous.

    Lexus definitely wants you to buy one of their high-end cars. But, when it comes to keeping customers satisfied, they fall wayyyyyyy short. I will NEVER buy a Lexus again!!!

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  • Sa
    Sanfran1 Mar 09, 2016

    They are a Rip Off! I was never ever treated so shabbily and lack of Customer Concern or Customer Service with Toyota as I have with this doubly priced over priced Rip Off Lexus! They are all departmentalized robotic noncaring in Torrance in both departments since I have service as well as finance problems (customer satisfaction) so as others have said they should be renamed "Customer Dissatisfaction Department" but I would add "Rip Off Overpriced Toyota with Deception of Quality!" I have not heard back from the CEO or VP although I have tried to write and email and fax to no avail. They have "Stepford Wives" Robotic Employees who are supposed to be in Customer Satisfaction! Please escalate to Michael Groof and the VP of International. I would hope someone is truly what the Corporation is supposed to stand for!

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