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Managing director toyota motors
Dear sir,
As a senior owner for toyota cars, currently I had toyota corolla 2008 purchased as a new car from toyota egypt. iam proud to be an owner for toyota prestigious car and I encouraged many of my colleagues to have toyata cars. as a medical doctor I need a heavy duty car and no doubt that toyota corolla was my perfect choice.
Recently I visited one of your service centers at cairo at your new centre (al qahira al gadida) for a gear box hanging –mmt - (more than 5 times). my current meter reading is 25.000 km as of 15th february 2009. this was my 5th visit for the same problem, I own the car for 6 month, and more than one month the car was in the service center for the same problem that affected me economically and psychologically and of course it affected the reputation of toyota.

As per current company regulations am still under warranty period. I did inform the reception engineer about complete hanging in gear box. service center customer coordinator informed me that the car seems to need a gear box replacement and control unit replacement!!!
This was a real surprise to me sense the car is 2008 model and the meter reading is only 25.000 km and all previous maintainance were done through authorized toyota service centers. this affected my confedence about toyota.
Certainly iam still under warranty period, and my car is still at toyota service center since 15 th february 2009. it seems that they failed in fixig the problem as it reoccur more han 5 times in the last month. and it's not my guilt to have a car with factory default. my compensation is to have a new car not a fixed car, and to have compensation about the financial and psychological damage that affected me. I choose to buy toyota for it's good reputations but it seems that I was wrong? so please stand by me and bring to me my rights.
Toyota corolla 2008 with 25.000 km and regular maintainance and have a contous unsolvent problem in gear box???. I trust this is a very serious situation that affects toyota reputation that reflected with a real surpurise to me and my colleagues who owns or who is planning to own toyota cars.
Iam bringing this critical situation to your kind personal attention and really iam suffering from the recurrent problem in the gear box, in my car that seriously affect my daily obligations as a medical doctor,
Your early feedback is highly appreciated,
Sincerly yours,
Dr. mostafa hamed kadry

Toyota corolla 2008
Plate number: kliobia 393101
Mobile: 002 [protected]
002 [protected]

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  • Wa
      17th of Oct, 2011
    Toyota Egypt - Is that fair

    MY name is AHMED and I bought a 2009 Toyota HAICE (bus) the problem was that engine ECU was broken down but unfortunately I wasn't in the warranty period so I went to the car service center of Toyota and explained that problem they told that the problem could be fixed if I paid 600 Egyptian pound so I did but I saw no something is changed in the car
    After that i told them that the problem wasn't fixed < they told that they have changed the oil and some care services to the car and the main problem wasn't fixed

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  • Kh
      8th of Jun, 2014

    Message sent on the 29th of April 2014 with no result till now.:

    Customer Experience
    Customer By Web Form (Nassif Khouzam) 04/29/2014 05:00 PM
    Today, in the Toyota center in festival city at Cairo, I have been very astonished and disappointed from the reaction to my complain.
    Actually in my last maintenance there, they found out that my right fog light was not working so they changed the lamp with a wrong model that melt all the fog light and did not fix well the internal fender cover from the front. During my last highway travel, this caused me an accident because the cover went under the wheel. Now it's completely damaged because the plastic melt from friction and the front bumper is also damaged due to the accident.
    Today at the service center, they changed me the fog light but refused to change the internal cover and the bumper saying that there is no comment on the job order saying that it needs to be fixed. Was any comment there that they've put a wrong lamp? What an irresponsible answer!
    Is this my fault that the Toyota employee skipped this so that I pay for it? And why did they change only the light? Shouldn't they compensate me for this negligence that could cost my life and my family life instead of telling me that I must pay the cover and bumper? It's a matter of principle: I will not pay for others mistakes.
    I trust Toyota and that's why I make the maintenance there, why don't they trust me and they don't believe that the car was not ready to be given to the customer? Is it for saying that they never make errors? If they do so, this employee who forgot to fix the cover will continue his negligence and they will sacrifice the safety of other customers? What did Toyota do when it discovered that there were an error with some model accelerators? Why are the Toyota standards not applicable in Egypt?
    What is better? To say everything is ok with us or to face their situations responsibly?
    I wait for a prompt intervention from your behalf to stop this maltreatment of customers that we are facing here.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Envoyé de mon iPad

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  • Ha
      31st of May, 2016

    Dear Toyota senior management members,
    I am Mohamed Zaki, writing this official complaint to express of my totally disappointment with dealing with Toyota maintenance for my car Toyota corolla model 2008 South Africa, since years I am suffering with this model which were provided to the clients with a manufacturing mistake in the gearbox, which was supposed to be replaced by new car (all countries in the whole replaced by new car for the deffectef Toyota modle 2008 except Egypt ) as it is not the clients' problem to deal with a deffected car has such an error affect the safety of their clients. But unfortunately nobody care from Toyota Egypt nor Toyota International to secure their reputation.
    We took it to Toyota New Cairo maintenance Center
    and complained but engineers their told us that this model
    is made in south Africa and we need to change some spare parties in the Gearbox and will work perfectly. But after fixing the spare parts the car started again to behave in a weird way as it will go to natural (N) in the middle of the road .
    Again we went to New Cairo maintenance center and we were told that the software of the gearbox need to be restarted again. After repairing it has been repeated for 3 times.
    After almost 2 years, Today 31.05.2016 the problem repeated again. But the new Cairo maintenance center refused to fix the regular problem as it is not a gearbox to take their responsibility off.
    I am writting to complain to Toyota International as this is not we were promised (Toyota is safe to drive ????!!!)
    I am asking the support of whom may concern about the Toyota reputation to solve my problem.

    Mohamed Zaki
    +2 01009782853

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