TMobile / refuses to replace phone

United States

I have tried for months now and nothing has come about it but lies after lies. When imfirst bought the Mytouch 4G slide when it first came out e first week I got it the phone would not turn on. They gave me a temporary phone and would then give me a refurbish phone. I have went through more then 25 replacements of this device. There's a reason why the phones are refurbished because they attempt to fix the issue with the devices. After a few months tmobile executive offered me Mytouch LG upon receiving them for both of my lines they were freezing and acting up. I called immediately and they said there was nothing they can do. They would then send me a letter stating my warranty was cancelled and tmobile does not have to provide a reason why they cancelled it and can cancel at anytime. I'm stuck with 2 phones that don't work paid $500 each and from the first week it wouldn't turn on which I would then asked since the phone was faulty why isn't tmobile giving me a brand new phone in which they said they can't because its not there fault. So I was given refurbished after refurbished when I paid for a brand new phone not a used phone. An executive almost a month ago told me to email him so we can address the complaint and I tried 9 times and never received a response going on a month. I'm paying for service and can't even use my phone. I'm tired of this. I been with tmobile for may years and never had such a hard time fixing issues. I never have signal on either line, phone restarts itself and on my line at least twice a month I have to take SIM card out and put it on an old phone to retrieve all my text messages that I never got. In which now my old Mytouch 4G slide doesn't even turn on so now I don't have ahold device to retrieve text messages when this Mytouch LG stops working. I went to buy phones tmobile asked for $600 why should pay keep dodging out hundreds and hundreds of dollars when tmobile sold me a faulty phone for both my lines to begin with? So much for loyalty

Mar 05, 2013

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