TK Maxx / falsey accused of shoplifting


I spent nearly €100 in this store before continuing on with my shopping. About 30 minutes after I left the store I was accousted by a strange man who flashed me ID from TK MAXX and was invited to return to the store with him to view CCTV footage of myself "acting in a suspicious manner". I was gobsmacked. I asked him if he was accusing me of shoplifting but he refused to answer the question. I told him if that is what the incident was about then to call the police immediately. I was perfectly happy for them to look at my receipts, search me and search my bags. I had done nothing wrong. However he refused to do this. Instead he kept on "inviting" me in quiet an intimidating manner to return with him to the shop. However he was careful not to put his hands on me. Finally I got quiet upset. I told him either he call the police or I would do it myself. When he wouldn't leave I began dialling 999 and that is when he walked off. I was very upset and complained to a security gaurd on patrol in the centre. He suggested I go to a solicitor. When I contacted a solicitor I was told there was very little I could do. This man was careful to "invite" as opposed to coerce me. He did not put his hands on me. Anything that shows up on CCTV could be simply explained away as a conversation. Perhaps this is how he gets his kicks. I have made a complaint to head office but as yet have heard nothing back. I will never shop in this place again and urge anyone going in there to be very very careful and if this happens to you, call the police and get them down there immediately and do not move from your location. Do not go with this man. He has no authority. I dread to think of what may have happened if I had unwittingly gone back in.

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