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Went to Home Goods store at Charlotte, NC. Applied for their credit card. The sales woman screwed up big time, she didn't apply the 10% while billing the items. She apologized, called for help, that guy did something, refunded some part of it (which we later came to know) and then again re-billed all those items. Took almost 30 mts. Finally she assured that everything was taken care of and we would be charged only for the last bill. In that mess and tiredness, I missed to verify the receipts. The refund was not tallying with the original purchase. When we got the credit card bill via mail, we were disappointed and took these to the store. That guy was far from courteous, treated us like thieves and wasn't ready to even listen. We were trying to point out even the time difference between the receipts - all are 4 mts apart. He was such a rude fellow. We were pissed and called the customer care. That person pretended to have understood the situation, atleast apologized for the behavior of that sales guy/manager. The solution he gave wasn't quite clear, he was asking me to fax the receipts. He didn't know all the info about fax either. Anyways, I am in deep ****, so much I know. I don't think I would ever feel like shopping with them. Such irritating irresponsible fellows. PLEASE DO NOT EVER APPLY FOR THEIR CREDIT CARD

Mar 29, 2017

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