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TJ Maxx / management and returns

1 Victoria, United States

We purchased 2 citrus juicers, they were both faulty. We went back and bought a completely different citrus juicer there later. This left us with 3 juicers, two of which were faulty. We decided to return the two that were faulty. We arrive there, we forgot the receipts. They tell us that they need the receipts. My husband runs home to get them and the girl starts processing the returns. She then says it has been used, can't return it. I said how were we to know that they were faulty if we hadn't of used them? Can I talk to a manager. She gets on the phone with him ( ), she says he will tell me the same thing so why would I want to talk to him? I told her that I wish to speak to the manager. She is on the headset phone and she says something and then she tells me that he's on the phone with a different customer. I tell her that I will wait. She immediately presses a button on her headset and says that they said they are just going to wait here. 30 seconds later the manager comes to the front and he's very rude and he is clearly treating is like we are stupid and we felt like he was discriminating because of my husband and mother in laws race. He began with saying that we can't return a product after its been used even if it is defective and that there is no store that will take used items even if they are defective. I clearly showed him that the product was defective and its wrong that they will not take it back. He then changed the subject and said that he has two of the products we were trying to return and they work fine for him, then said "do you even know how to use it because most likely you are doing it all wrong".He also said do you even know which way the lemon goes? Thats when we realized that we were being discriminated against. Thegirl that was also helping him was smirking at us. When I asked for the number and name of a district manager he said that no one else is above him. I also asked if he would show me where their policy says that and he said that there is not anything he can show me, that it's just that way. When I insisted, he pointed to an 800 number on the wall and said to just call that number. We feel that we never ever want to shop there again.

Apr 23, 2015

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