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I went to Tim Horton's this morning to get some breakfast (in a rush I left my own on the counter at home). I went into a store I passed everyday and ordered a tea and a plain Croissant toasted with lite cream cheese. This is something I've ordered many times at other Tim's. The girl at the counter stared at me so I repeated myself. She then tells me that they don't toast croissants. She looked about my age (19) and newer then the other so I politely asked if they had one of the large rotating toasters. (I will add that I used to work at a Tim Horton's for over a year and I even became a trainer, I know what can be done, infact I had toasted a croissant many times over and even made sandwiches on them.) So the older woman comes over and the girl explains that I would like a croissant toasted. This older woman tells me again that they don't toast them. I was a little agitated but stayed polite and explained that if they have the right toaster that it will be no problem and I even told her I used to work at a Tim's. Thats when she changes her excuse and says that they don't do it because they are a "high traffic store". Really? What Tim Horton's isn't? I worked at one with a drive through near a GO Station. (This was just a walkin). The other thing that came to mind was, "You toast bagels!" There really isn't much difference. Anyways, I got the croissant but not without obvious attitude and a snooty remark exchanged with the bagel girl (While I Was Standing There!). I tried to find a head office site to complain to, but couldn't find one and therefore vented here. Thanks for listening. If this happens to you, don't let them tell you otherwise.

PS. The tea wasn't stirred.

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  • St
      10th of Dec, 2009

    i agree that she should not have had an attitude..however the croissants catch fire VERY VERY VERY easily...

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  • Ti
      8th of Aug, 2010

    Really, they catch fire?
    I have to admit, I've never heard of TOASTING a croissant, we heat them on occasion in the microwave but have never toasted them. I guess we would, we give the customers what they want, no matter how strange it sounds lol.

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  • Ka
      11th of Aug, 2010

    We're not allowed to toast croissants. Maybe when you worked at Tim Hortons, you were able to toast croissants. We are no longer able to. Or maybe your manage just didn't care and allowed his/her employees to toast croissants. Do you really think the employees will tell you [censor] for the fun of it? We don't make up the goddamn rules, so don't give us [censor] about it. Just because at some other store you were able to so and so, doesn't mean the employees at another store can do the same because we follow OUR managers rules. The croissants do burn even on the fastest setting, and get stuck in the toaster and completely catch on fire. I know new employees who have done this mistakenly. There IS a big difference between bagels and croissants. Bagels are wider and harder. Croissants, when you slice it have a lot of air pockets and burn. Hell even if a small piece of bagel gets left behind in the toaster, it catches on fire.

    P.S. It's no wonder your tea wasn't stirred.

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  • Ba
      1st of Oct, 2010

    there is two types of toasters in tim hortons. I've worked at 4 different ones. There is a good one that can toast croissants. But that is only in like 1 out of 10 stores. Most owners are too cheap to buy amazing equipment.

    p.s. I had a shift where the new girl tried to toast a croissant. I've never been trained to put out fires but now I know. You can still see the burn marks on the side of the toaster. That fire was nasty.

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  • Ch
      1st of Jul, 2011

    Hey I work at tim hortons and were not allowed to toast cheese croissants because it will catch on fire and even melt and possibly get stuck in the toaster. And I tried toasting it for the customer and it just melted and went on fire in the toaster so instead of toasting the cheese croissant i just microwaved it its same thing as toasting it lol.

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  • Lo
      13th of Jul, 2011

    Cheese Croissants are definitely not supposed to be toasted, unless of course, like @badbedhead mentioned, you have the right toaster it can't be done. Cheese Croissants CAN be made on a sandwich, but just not toasted. The way you were treated though was not right. They should have clearly explained that they cannot be toasted because they burn and can catch fire.

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  • Ti
      21st of Jan, 2017

    I work at a Tim Hortons on night shifts and just tonight I had a customer come in and ask for a toasted croisant. I politely said sorry that we arent allowed because it catches fire, however we can microwave it. The customer then yelled at me and said during the day the managers do it for him. He went as far as to take my name, and told me he's calling head office and he'll make sure I lose my job. Can he really do that? My co-worker who was with me even said we couldnt do it. I've worked at two other Tim Hortons and we were told we aren't allowed to toast them.

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  • Ca
      21st of Jan, 2017

    @Tiana Tracy Summers If he complaints, you can simply state you were following directions, that you were polite about but the customer screamed at you and even threatened you (yes, I would say that if the customer gets too out of line).

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  • Sh
      26th of Mar, 2019

    I purchase 2 medium coffee every morning and today decided to turn my rollups in for 2 coffee and 2 donuts. Each rollup stub clearly showed coffee and donut. I advised the attendant taking my drive thru order I had 2 coffee rollups and 2 donut rollups. When I got to the window the cashier refused my stubs claiming they required the complete rollup. I was astounded they refused to give me my order. They claimed they required the complete rollup. Once again I politely said please look at the stubs because each clearly shows coffee and donut. I was now _issed. The supervisor finally said we will give you one coffee and one donut as a good will gesture. CAN YOU IMAGINE TIM HORTONS STOOPING THIS LOW. **Thankyou you Tim at Hwy 15 and Innovation Dr. Kingston**.

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