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I went to the tim hortons by eglinton and dufferin in toronto, ontario at around 10:29pm on wednesday february 1st, 2017 to buy a 1.75$ medium (2 cream and 2 sugar) orange pekoe tea. After paying I was handed my order by ms. Komal (the tim horton server), on my way to go seat within, the hot tea spilled through the improperly closed lid and got on my left fingers as I was carrying it on my left hand. Then I went back to miss komal and her colleague mr. Mohil and told them that the hot tea spilled on my left fingers. They both acted as if it was nothing then I went ahead and showed them my left fingers covered with the hot spilled tea. Then they knew I wasn't happy but instead of apologizing, mr. Mohil tryed preparing a new tea for me and he asked how I wanted the new tea he was preparing but I said just cover the tea (as in the one I bought that spilled) properly and he did that and gave it back to me.
I would be glad if the right actions are taken against such "non challant and I don't care attitude" from both tim hortons staff.

Tim Hortons

  • Updated by David Adekoya, Feb 01, 2017

    Refer to my initial complaint.

Feb 01, 2017
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  •   Feb 02, 2017

    The word is nonchalant. And what did you want them to do? Start screaming and wailing and pulling out their hair?

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