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Tim Hortons Store 565 / unprofessional and verbally abusive management

1 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

This complaint is regarding the Tim Hortons location on Rymal and Nebo, store 565. As an employee that has been working there for quite some time, I will tell you that I am confident this store will lose half the amount of customers if not more due to our entire new management team. The store owner, Stew Galloway, will not do anything about how unprofessional and immature his management team treats his staff and also the customers. Stew Galloway traded the old manager for the new one named Sarah. His words were "Sarah will change the store around and fix it". Sarah has been nothing but rude, unprofessional, and RACIST towards the staff. Since then, we have our strongest staff dropping like flies and customers that no longer come to the restaurant. Sarah brings over employees that she managed back at her location; Gage and Fennel, who are exactly the same way she is. Sarah will never punish her "little helpers" because, quite frankly, they are safe behind her shield. Sarah, the manager, Jacqueline, the assistant manager, and Jenifer Collison, the woman that Sarah hired to be a floor spy, do nothing else but harass the staff, emotionally hurt the staff, and verbally hurt the staff for no reason. Stew made the same mistake yet again when he sent our senior supervisor to Gage and Fennel and promoted their supervisor to assistant manager at store 565. This new assistant manager, Jacqueline St John, posted on social media that she is going to have a battle with the staff at store 565 on "who the bigger b**ch" is. Is that how management is supposed to promote Tim Hortons on social media? Do you think whoever has this woman on Facebook will ever step foot into that location after she bashes the staff that she has never worked with before? What kind of business is Stew Galloway trying to run? Does he want loyal staff that will continue to make his customers happy? Or does he want childish and downright spiteful management who have nothing else better to do than to treat the staff this badly? This will lead to Stew being left with no staff at all. If nothing is done, this store may as well be closed because there will be no strong staff to keep the store up. Does the owner think it will be easy to replace strong staff with new staff when his management team doesn't even know proper manners, let alone how to train properly? Not even Sarah, the manager, knows how to do a simple job sheet or work the till and Stew expects a person like that to "fix" his store? Sarah, A MANAGER, was confronted by staff that a fly fell into a tray that held breakfast sausage that was being served to customers. Sarah’s response was “more protein for the customers” and laughed. This is not all she has done.
-She tells the prep person to re-wrap expired cheese and place a new date on it. When the store manager from Gage and Fennel (store 565’s old manager) came in to ask Sarah if she told her staff at Gage and Fennel to also re-date expired product, Sarah’s response was “No. I would never do such a thing”
-She tells the prep person that it’s okay to sell expired sauce dated “July 17th” when that current date was “July 19th”.
-She told an employee that they would never get a job because they didn’t go to a “proper collage”. She has made that same employee cry on multiple occasions by verbally abusing her and accusing her of things she did not do. This employee is Indian.
-She constantly gives attitude and shows no respect what so ever to a young employee that has shown nothing but how loyal and strong of a worker they are. This young employee has coloured skin.
-She brings her husband to the back of the store whenever she pleases and talks bad about the employees to him. I know this because I was standing right beside her and she did not seem to give a care in the world.
-She took an order one morning for 2 dozen donuts, specifically vanilla dip, and wrote it down on a paper that was meant for cambro orders. When the customer arrived, the donuts were not ready and Sarah began to complain about whatever staff “would do such a stupid thing”. Her next words were “No wonder this store needs to be fixed. It’s because of stupid workers like these guys.” Yet, it was her own mistake.
Yet again I say, this is the manager that is expected to “fix” store 565? This location never needed to be fixed. But now, Stew Galloway better hope it gets fixed before it’s shut down for how disgusting this joke of a management team is acting. Last time I checked, the Tim Hortons slogo is "We Make It Right". How about you start doing that for the employees who are the individuals getting treated like dirt instead of being treated like human beings? Store 565 is on a one way trip straight to the ground. This is my warning and if nothing is done about this joke of a management team, enjoy closing down a busy Tim Hortons location that has the potential of making a lot of money for the company.

Jul 28, 2015
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