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This is about the employees attitude at 9350 Boulevard Leduc, Brossard, QC J4Y 0B3, Tim Horton's location. Just to mention that is not an isolated situation at this location. Since they opened, a couple of years ago, I am passing from time to time in my way to work. There are multiple problems here.
1. At this location they are serving lukewarm coffee, not hot (this comparing with all other Tim locations from where I am/was buying coffee). Once, I complained and they gave me a fresh new coffee with the same temperature. Disappointed, but because of their location I passed by anyway and arriving at work I would transfer the coffee in another cup and put in the microwave for 30 seconds or so.
2. When you are using the drive through, another surprise. You are ordering, advancing, pay for it, pick your order and ... you are invited right away to advance. I am not even had the chance to put my coffee down or my credit card in the wallet and they are pressing to leave. Once it was nobody behind and I asked what the rush. They said that it doesn't matter I need to advance right away because they have a timer. Never happen before in any other Tim so, I am wondering if they are the only once having a timer. Again, the feeling was not great. Something like, we took your money, now disappear from our face. And this is happening all the time.
3. When I am asking to have the dome lid they are giving me with comments: you should let us know at the time of order. Sometimes I remember and let them know, sometimes I am just realizing that you are still keeping that stupid lid in function by default and I forget to tell them in advance. I am cursing in my mind and took it like that. Anyway I need to heat up my coffee in the office so why arguing with them again.
4. I never said anything up to today. In the morning I ordered at the drive through again one "medium dark roast hot coffee with dome lid with 2 sugar and 2 milk". With my credit card in hand, I advance to the window and I saw a cup with the regular lid prepared for me. So, I asked what's that, it's not my order? It's your dark roast coffee with 2 sugar, 2 milk. OK, but I doesn't have the dome lid I asked for so I don't know if it was my order. You should just asked in advance for the dome lid. I asked this time. The lady turn back to change the lid making some comments that I didn't catch before the automatic window close. When back, they were 2 ladies. The second one told me that she took the order but she's not understanding very well English. [In QC most people are speaking French, I am tri-lingual but when I have the choice, I prefer English. In a store that make profit from me, I expect to be served in my language of preference or at least advise me that you, the person at the counter, are only French speaking. But when you are engaging in a conversation in one language, don't excuse yourself later that you didn't catch everything.] I said: it's not my fault. The answer: mine neither. At this time, she told me I have to pay because they have a timer. Again the damn timer? (in my mind). At his moment they were 3 ladies arguing with me so, I just paid and left (for...ever).
I will never ever pass by this location. At this location I have the feeling that they are making me a big favor serving me (lukewarm coffee). I will do a detour of about 1-2 extra km and go to another location (7305 Grande Allée, Brossard, QC J4Z 0E3) were I was always served with a smile on their face and were I felt the respect I deserved as a loyal customer.
Disappointed by this location. Luckily for you, it's the only place like that. If I will find another one, I will be out for good, completely. That's a promise.

May 03, 2017

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