Tim Hortonsservice very bad at drive through

I like to get my coffee and toasted bagels for breakfast at Tims most of the mornings. I go to this Tim very close to my home often and there is always something wrong. I hate to complaints an kept on ignoring either throwing my bagel or coffee and just let it go, but this morning especially I was having bad flu ask for medium double double and a twelve grain double toasted with butter and drove home and opened my bagel and it was completely burned not slightly completely and the buttr was very greecey running all over the paper it looked so disgusting and I got completely mad and thinking how could someone serve that to anyone first they knew it's completely burned bcs I always order double toasted everywhere at Tims and know how it looks. I took it to the drive through and when the girl take order told her I got a bagel should be double toasted but it's completely burned, she answered me back oh double toasted should be burned! Mam, I got so mad told her call ur manager to the window, she came and I handed the bagel to her and she was like what you want little bit toasted and laughing, what kind of customer service is this. I am always good with people and never seen anything like this. What I told the manage was, oh well u keep that's bagel I don't need nothing, now I gave them the fully burned bagel which I paid for and left mad thinking about who trained these people?

  • Updated by Sanos, Jan 26, 2017

    This is 440 Hollad St Tims

Jan 26, 2017

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