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Technically they have a bathroom (as the law requires them to have a bathroom) but it is cordoned off and a sign reads "Peinture Fraiche" (Fresh Paint) or "Out of Order". It's always been like that.
I get it - it's St. Denis near Maisonneuve, if you know the area you know there are many unsavory people who will use a bathroom to get their fix, commit vandalism, or whatever. But this is no excuse. They are selling coffee, selling food, they legally need to provide a functional bathroom. Buzz people in if you must, or use a key system. You need a bathroom in a coffee shop. I might take this complaint to the city.

Aug 14, 2016
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  • Mi
      Aug 14, 2016

    Uggh public bathrooms are the worst and based on what you wrote, why would you want to use that one anyway!

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  • Cu
      Aug 15, 2016

    why do you really want to go to that bathroom, they have no bathroom just go before and not worry.

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  •   Aug 16, 2016

    "I know why they don't let anyone use their restroom, but it is me and therefore I am special".

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  • Wl
      Aug 28, 2016

    The above comments completely miss the point. It has nothing to do with any specific person wanting to use the bathroom. The point is that they are required by law to provide a bathroom to ALL customers and they are circumventing this obligation by using a bogus "wet paint" sign.

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  • Mi
      Aug 30, 2016

    @wlee08: I completely understand they are required by law to provide a bathroom. My point was, why do you care? Let me use an example from my own experience, to showcase what I mean: I use to work in a downtown area that was rather seedy and had a high population of homeless/vagrants/criminals/drug addicts, etc. Due to convenience only, I would sometimes pop into the local McDonald's for a coffee. This was always an exercise in futility, as the locals would constantly stream in out of the place, to use the bathroom. They were not customers, they were locals who wanted to utilize the restroom facilities to "bathe", "sleep", "drink alcohol", "shoot up drugs", "turn a trick", etc. It got so bad that paying customers could not use the facilities for it's intended purpose and the employees were constantly having to leave their positions at the counter to run people out of the bathrooms, to call the police, to break up fights, to clean up messes, to chase off peddlers going table to table, etc. I would have much preferred they had put up an out of order sign than to have to keep dealing with the above scenarios. Finally, I just stopped going to this McDonald's altogether. So again, my point and I think the other posters point was, who cares if this particular restaurant is providing a bathroom or not. BTW: Your idea of providing a buzzing system or handing out keys is not feasible. People aren't going to be willing to wait in line to get a key or be buzzed in! And, how many keys will they go thru as people will keep walking out with the keys, especially those that intend to use the bathroom for less than honest purposes. Should the restaurant have to keep making keys and keep changing the locks? Should they have to hire staff to just stand there and buzz people in? Bottom line: there are actual things going on in the world that are important and this isn't one of them.

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