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I currently work at the Tim Hortons at 1405 Kensington Avenue NY 14215. Our old manager got moved to another store and now, we have a new manager . I don't know the managers full name but his first name is Vijay . He is actually the district manager from what I've heard . My complain about him is how he treats employees . We applied for this job promised we would get the hours we need to make sure we are financially stable and all of the team member's hours have been getting cut more and more every week . Vijay's attitude is not nice at all either as he is always arguing with a different team member everyday . Today Vijay asked "who would like to go home ?" And the baker raised his hand so tells me "You can go bake " and I refused since I am a team member, not a baker . Therefore, he sent me home for that . I felt like that is really unfair .

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      Nov 16, 2017

    As an hourly employee, management has the right to cut your hours as they see fit. Unfortunately they are not guaranteed so you may want to look for work elsewhere if it continues to happen. In regards to the baking, you could be terminated for refusing to do it (unless there is something legally preventing you from being able to). Even though it is not your title, businesses will often still require you to assist in other areas. It is the nature of food service and retail.

    You could try to bring these issues up with a human resources representative or his manager, but it is unlikely that anything will be done. You actually may end up being reprimanded.

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