Tim Hortonsloaded wedges

Yesterday, I visited tim hortons at montreal aeroport (#yulths02) where I placed a take-out order for loaded wedges at the advertised price of $2.99.
After paying for the order, I took it to my gate where I consumed it. after doing so, I happened to review my invoice whereupon I discovered I had been charged and paid for a higher priced item, chicken noodle soup.

Being pressed for time, I was unable to return to the restaurant to advise them of their billing error.
While the money difference was not that great, the principle is. how often are they doing that, and ripping customers off whenever they can get away with it.
In future, I for one will remember this discouraging experience at tim hortons and will remind my friends to check their invoices whenever dining at tim's.

Tim Hortons

Feb 04, 2017

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