Tim Hortonsiced cappuccino - large made with white milk

The quality of iced cappuccinos is getting terrible. I went to 3 different Tim Hortons in the Halifax area today and finally gave up when I could not get a proper tasting iced capp. I took several sips from the first one, and it turned mostly white and there was no flavour left. I traded it for another one at a different location. The second one looked fine, but it tasted as if the milk was sour, so I went to another location. The third location replaced the second one. The third iced capp tasted exactly like the second one. I don't know if the milk was sour or if they put in a flavour shot, but it tasted weird and quickly turned mostly white after several sips. I have sent a complaint previously - the iced capps were tasting like they mixed with their left-over coffee. Considering I pay $4.00 for each large iced cappuccino, I am getting extremely frustrated with the decreasing quality of my favourite beverage. I believe some locations are trying to "stretch" their product by adding other things to it, such as coffee, water, flavour shots, etc.

Jan 30, 2017

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