Tim Hortons / horrible service, got sick from iced coffee

I went thru the drive thru today at lunch time i had 2 separate orders the first order i asked for potatoe wedges and they didnt have any so i couldnt get that, then i ordered a medium iced coffee with 2 sugars 2 creams and a shot of vanilla, and a breakfast croissant with sausage egg and cheese. The iced coffee had no sugar in it and im pretty sure it had 4 creams because it was almost white...and i didnt taste any vanilla at all. Then for the second order my friend got an itailiano bagel sandwich, the lady proceeded to tell us they were out of that type of bagel so she had to get a different one, then she said they were also out of the pesto that goes on the sandwhich so she didn't get to have that either, then she asked for a side of mac and cheese. We get up to the window and they didnt what my order was i had to explain everything over again they messed up the coffee, and then when my friend was about to pay for hers they told us they were out of mac and cheese so we couldnt get that either. Such an inconvience. And ever since i drank the coffee ive felt nauseous. I dont know whos managing these places but the staff are so unorganized its ridiculous. This isnt the first time something like this has happened. Everytime i try to order something they are always out or my order is wrong.

Mar 31, 2017

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