Tim Hortons / food / service

Calgary, AB, Canada

My name is Peggy Bidochka and I attend the Tim Hortons in Calgary at Chinook Centre just off McLeod Trail. I go there every morning for either breakfast or lunch prior to 1pm. I must say that I am beyond frustrated with this location. 2 to 3 times a week the ice cap machine is not working, they don't have any hashbrowns, they have run out of bread for their sandwiches. I have been going there for 6 months now and a majority of our office people attend there on a regular basis. Today again I went in there for lunch and low and behold the ice cap machine was NOT working, they did not have any white sub sandwiches, they were out of 2 other customers orders. Your standing in line waiting for your food only to be told that again Im sorry Mame we don't have any of that today. Not only that but I MUST say that it is very rude and unprofessional when your staff are speaking with each other behind the counter in their language. It is beyond annoying and rude to the patrons of your establishment when they are holding conversations that no one can understand. I am in the process of deciding whether I will ever be back again and that goes for the magnitude of the office people I work with. There are over 40 of us that attend this location on a regular basis and highly doubt we will EVER be back!!
Peggy Bidochka

Jan 29, 2017

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